She gives birth to 44 children, but suffers from a very rare disease

Mariam Nabatanzi has given birth to 44 children. The 40-year-old Ugandan is considered, according to the National Post, to be the most fertile woman in the world. Discover his story in this article.

Repeated pregnancies

At the age of 12, Mariam was forced to marry a man who was 27 years older than her. One year after her forced marriage, she became the mother of twins. Since then, she has never stopped being pregnant.

She gave birth to three more sets of twins, five sets of triplets and quadruplets. Finally, the mother of the family gave birth to the youngest of siblings. Today, Mariam is the head of a family of 44 children.

As the Canadian National Daily Clarified, Mariam’s husband left her and took all their savings with her. Despite this hard blow, the young woman did her best to raise her children with dignity.

“I grew up in tears, my husband put me through a lot of pain. All my time was spent taking care of my kids and working to make some money,” she said.

Source: Reuters

She suffers from hyperfertility

When Mariam went to the doctor, she had learned that she was suffering from hyperfertility. The doctors had noticed that the ovaries of the patient (who was 25 years old) were abnormally large.

“In her case, it is a genetic predisposition to hyperovulation that greatly increases the chances of having more births,” said Dr. Charles Kiggundu, a gynecologist at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, for The Daily Monitor.

The doctors then advised her to continue having children to reduce the fertility of her ovaries. The reason ? The use of contraception could have aggravated his condition.

However, the doctors found a solution to end Mariam’s multiple pregnancy. According to her, “her gynecologist” cut her uterus from the inside “.

Source: Reuters

She gave birth to three sets of twins

A similar story took place in the United States. This time, a mother gave birth to three sets of twins at five years old. Over the course of five years, Jolene Mckee gave birth to three sets of twins. The youngest of siblings, Aiden and Jaiden, was born in July 2021. The extended family also includes Peyton and Paige, as well as Abigail and Andrew.

Jolene and her husband consider their children a blessing. It should be noted that the young woman had a miscarriage before she became pregnant again. The arrival of the twins was a true blessing for the New Yorker.

She did not know that another miracle was happening. Two years later, Jolene found out that she was once again carrying two babies in her womb! The pregnancy was a shock for the couple as it is again twins.

After taking the news calmly, Jolene took care of her eldest daughters as she prepared for the twins’ arrival: a girl and a boy.

Source: Jolene Mckee / Caters News

A happy family

In 2020, the mother of the family became pregnant for the third time.

“I was 100% sure it could not be another pair of twins,” she told our colleagues from the Daily Mail.

This one was completely wrong. In fact, she welcomed two new twins in perfect health. Within five years, Jolene became the queen of the organization. Her daily routine is marked by a schedule that she follows to the letter. Despite the constant fatigue, the thirty-year-old would not trade his family for anything in the world.

The latter reminds us how valuable and touching life is, even though it is exhausting.

“I love watching them grow and develop. It really warms my heart,” she said.

The mother then went on to say:

“People get shocked when they learn that all children are ours. When we are young, they do not understand how we can have so many children.”

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