the most beautiful gift Jean-Pierre SOISSON received

They are not so many that during their lifetime they know the honor of seeing a street or a building baptized with their name, what’s more, a school! Laborde’s school group will now wear it by Jean-Pierre SOISSON. The inauguration took place on Saturday, July 2, in the presence of the former Minister and Deputy Mayor of Auxerre, under the emotionally charged gaze of lifelong friends.

THE BORDERS : Happiness suppresses old age said KAFKA … It was probably this Saturday morning to see the face of the man who was mayor of Auxerre for 27 years and deputy for the district for 44 years (sorry little one!), To confirm the saying. Elected officials, villagers, friends from yesterday and today, had all come to greet it, whose name is forever inseparable from Auxerre and Laborde.

To hell with walking sticks. To hell with the legs that no longer hold, to hell with old age! The spirit is still just as lively and the voice, even imbued with emotion, still carries loud and clear. At the end of the morning, confidentiality is crucial! Here, no minister cares, no vice president, no mayor, just “Jean Pierre”, that we come to greet with a hug or a kiss, memories tossed over our shoulders, in search of a “selfie” to stop the clock of time …

“A school? That’s the best gift you can give me!”

It was after a hearing of the inhabitants of Laborde and Jonches that it was decided to give the name of the village school group to the one who during his political life will have worked with five presidents of the republic and participated in eight. governments. An election approved by the city council on 19 May.

“School! I never thought of that! Never, I never hoped! It’s the most beautiful gift you can give me and the most unexpected …”.

Visibly moved, the soon-to-be uneducated enjoyed this escape to Laborde with gusto: “I have extraordinary memories here. The villages are the jewels of Auxerre …”.

An appendix that he wanted to concretize by handing over a check for 1,000 euros to help develop the school library. The possibility of a small shovel for those who the then Minister of Sport, Youth and Leisure under GISCARD had withdrawn the supervision of the libraries to leave it to the Ministry of Culture: “but the culture, it had even less money than me and those who asked for it, did a very bad financial operation!”.

Everything always ends around a glass of Chablis!

It’s hot on this first Saturday in July. The ceremony is coming to an end, it’s time for the friendship pool and the day’s hero is ringing the bell: “Come on kids, let’s have a glass of Chablis!” “.

Cheers, Mr SOISSON, long live Chablis, long live Laborde and long live life!

Short sentences to remember …

“I think I spent more time with him than with my wife …” (Alain DROUHIN, Mayor of Bléneau and former Chief of Staff of Jean-Pierre SOISSON).

“With Camille DEBAY, your deputy from 1971 to 1984, you have always supported us, you have always been in favor of ‘good life’ in Laborde, preferring a justified urbanization in order to preserve our village spirit …”. (Marie-Ange BAULU, member of the municipal council delegated to the villages of Laborde and Jonches).

“You know, I still spent almost forty years by his side, and it’s with great feeling that I’m here today as we pay tribute to him this tribute he deserves …” (Jean-Paul SOURY, former Parliamentary Assistant to Jean-Pierre SOISSON).

“He was a customer of unparalleled simplicity and kindness. Every time he went out into the kitchen to see what he was going to eat, and snatched a few gougères along the way. He generally trusted my suggestions, as this time, when I, when I received “Club of 100”, of which he was a member, had put forward the idea of ​​serving pig’s feet gratinated on toast as an aperitif. He was worried about it: “You don ‘t think about it! No fun with these guys!”. They had never eaten it and I had phenomenal success with my pork trotters, more than with the rest of the meal! They were probably tired of lobster … ”. (Jean-Luc BARNABÉ, former restaurateur).

“As a child of Laborde, I am glad that the school bears his name, though I personally think it would have been a good thing if the choice fell on Raymonde, the former teacher who, when she arrived in 1963, worked there. for over 23. At that time, the school was located at the town hall, and it took care of the four classes … ”. (Didier, resident of Laborde).

“During the European Council in Brussels, I always arrived with a box of Chablis. I remember a German minister, a solid Bavarian, who knew Chablis but not Auxerre and always presented me as someone who lived in a small town not far from Chablis. … “. Jean-Pierre SOISSON.

Dominique BERNARD

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