Top 20 nicknames you give to your boyfriend and what they mean about you

Couples are disgusting. Already the principle of rolling large shovels, being intimate to the point where one slaps with the door open and texting to each other all day, it gives the pile. But the nicknames … Is it to finish us off, or what?

1. “My other half”

You are at least 54 years old, your first name of love tattooed on your left shoulder and a half-hearted keychain on your “love nest” keychain. The second piece is obviously held by your other half as you are one together. You do not have a great personality and only see through the other. It’s a little sad.

2. “Baby”

You are a particularly silly person who wears a necklace with his lover’s initials around his neck and who thinks the words ending in “ou” or “ette” are too sweet. You have the annoying tendency to add “little” in front of every word to make it cute. In fact, you are creating unrest all around you.

3. “My life”

You stopped in 2010, your boyfriend / girlfriend is still called “admv” for “the love of my life” on your phone. You speak loudly and mock, and systematically put your hands in front of your face. Your colleagues know your boyfriend’s life better than yours. Change disk.

4. Chouchou “or” Loulou ”

You’re just as hasbeen as “Un Gars, Une Fille”. It’s time to move on and find some more modern refs.

5. “Baby”

You are a person without color or taste. You imitate others without looking for a bit of originality. You are a rather foolish person, not to mention invisible. We are not saying that you are not a good person, we are just saying that you are interfering so well that you almost forget that you exist. To choose, “bébou”, it’s a little better. Simple advice.

6. “Babe” or “baby”

You are the franglish version of those who say “baby”. You are an unbearable person who does not deserve to be in a relationship. It is said.

7. “killing”

You are a toxic person for whom the couple is a power relationship with a dominant and a dominated. You ask the person opposite to answer you with “big cat” to retain some hierarchical power. shrink. Rarely met a person as unhealthy as you, in fact.

8. “Heart”

You have strong shortcomings in French and you forget the particular article “it”. It’s very serious. You need to buy Bescherelle quickly.

9. “My Girlfriend”

Oyé oyé piger, piger. It’s time to get off your high horse and get your feet back on the ground. We’re actually not in Bridgerton here. We wake up, we are in the 21st century in a world that will surely end up exploding in no time. It is time to adopt a more modern language and reconnect with reality.

10. “Me King / My Queen”

You have personal paintings with your two first names surrounded by a heart and wearing a crown. You made a modeling of your intertwined hands and gave it to her for your 6 months as a couple. Your love song: Reine, by Dadju. Difficult.

11. “Doudou”

You are literally 8 years old and have a major emotional problem. You would easily replace your other half with a teddy bear or a night light … But you do not, because sometimes he / she takes you to the carnival, buys candy for you and sings lullabies for you before you go to sleep. What do you like best about your boyfriend? When she defends you in front of all the idiots who do not believe in Santa Claus.

12. “Mor” “Far”

You were affected by the same symptom as the guy / girl just above. It’s time to dump her and move on. ” You like to have your bag ready for you before you go to work, cook for yourself and buy yourself so you get pictures that shine when you have been good. Is there really anything that shocks you?

13. “My angel”

These are small remnants of your emo period. A little memory of your 15 years. It’s not serious, but you should still succeed in getting rid of this dirty habit.

14. “My Oxygen”

You work in the medical field and you have a hard time separating work and private life.

15. “My Fatal Beauty”

You are a fan of RnB, still do your hair with gel or glitter hair spray and discover that tribal tattoos are beautiful. You live in a world that ordinary mortals cannot and do not want to understand.

16. “Shrimp”

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? It’s hard to get more toxic and superficial than you.

17. “My candy”, “my barley sugar” or “my sweetness”

You are addicted to sugar and should quickly make an appointment with your doctor to check your diabetes rate. We never know.

18. “My darling”

You are a French chauvinist who swears by the baguette. If your double is curved, you’re probably the old burnt crust. You match together, but without each other … You do not inspire much pleasure.

19. “My love”

You are a pragmatic person. Boring but pragmatic.

20. “My big ball”

You are the best in your group of friends and people take your couple to a life goal. Encourage. Do not change anything.

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