Top 30 funniest tweets about your exes, not one to catch up with the other

Summer is here, and soon holiday loves will be created. These love relationships generally last only one summer (though many couples held up over time), and as a result we risk having very soon a new wave of tweets about “ex”, these loves from another time that we sometimes want to forget. We therefore propose, while waiting for a new wave of tweets on the subject to emerge, to reveal the 30 best tweets on this topic. And it can not be denied, your anecdotes are really the best.


My friend tells me this morning that he has lost his taste. I prepared a PowerPoint with the pictures of his exes. It is to prove to him that the taste has been lost for at least 10 years. I find myself a reassuring and loyal friend.

December 9, 2020


My ex who tells me that it’s over with his girlfriend and that he’s down the hole. That he finally knows how I felt. Super happy to know that he discovered love during a 2 month relationship and not in our 8 year long relationship.

October 11, 2020


my ex he calls me he tells me every night he thinks of me mdr ok colonel reyel

June 30, 2021


My ex who tells me that it’s over with his girlfriend and that he’s down the hole. That he finally knows how I felt. Super happy to know that he discovered love during a 2 month relationship and not in our 8 year long relationship.

October 11, 2020


My ex he comes back every October it looks like the housing tax

September 23, 2020


My ex, this idiot, he does not know, he can get me back with just a wish

February 25, 2020


My friend who encouraged me to look up today is celebrating 5 months of relationship with my ex

August 5, 2020


My ex is still not dead even though he told me he could not live without me, that’s weird

November 13, 2020


ptdrrr my shrink he lost all his professionalism and said to me “but you are totally sick” when i told him i had hacked my ex’s spotify to be able to listen to the same music as him

October 31, 2021


Two and a half years ago, when I broke up with my ex, I had started a Candy Crush-type game that I had decided to stop when I was ready to trust a man again. You will be happy to know that after 6,250 levels, I finished the game.

March 19, 2022


jm remember my ex he had left with another girl he had posted a picture of them on facebook my dad had commented “hey it’s a shame my daughter was more beautiful kiss”

August 13, 2019


I take 5 pictures
Brain: tfq
Lever: tfq
Mave: tfq
Me to my ex: tfq

July 4, 2020


my ex when i found out he was cheating on me he said “in any case congratulations you are the first to burn me”

August 24, 2019


my ex he became firefighter as he does not even know how to save a couple but he will save lives lol fuck

June 3, 2020


before my ex he took my phone i thought ct to see if i talked to guys or what bra in the end it was to block the girls he was cheating on me with

August 20, 2019


My ex he is too comfortable on my netflix account .. I am preparing a crazy coup for him when he sees the last episode of his series in the middle, I have to change my password

April 6, 2020


One day, my ex had introduced me to his parents (whites), he welcomed me into the boubou and with the sound of magic system “to make me feel at home”

May 23, 2020


JPPPPPP I just met my ex on peaks, his biography:

March 23, 2021


I hope the yellow vests do not get the idea of ​​burning the Alpha Romeo 156 GTA that my ex parked at 208 rue Furstemberg in the 6th arrondissement (it is black, leather interior).
He said they were big fucks, but I’m sure he did not really mean it.

December 7, 2018


My ex was run over by a bus this morning. I’m sorry in real life I could have slowed down

February 25, 2021



July 24, 2020


I sent a message to my ex, I am clownronavirus positive

March 27, 2020


Why did my uncle bring a new woman to dinner when there is his ex and their child. In addition, he announces their marriage there. An atmosphere so USSR / USA “1947 – 1991”

December 24, 2019


my ex still had the courage to do this:

December 27, 2020


Who remembers when my ex was unfaithful to me and to justify himself he took me out “it’s not because we like cola that we do not want a little can of fanta from time to time”

May 29, 2018


Ptdrr so there in the bus I am sitting next to a girl who says to me “excuse me, can you change places please, your perfume reminds me of my ex” ???????

November 5, 2018


My ex who had invited me to spend 5 days at his house and eventually he gave me a list of everything I had eaten and the number of hours I had slept in his house and asked me to pay

May 11, 2021


“I’m talking to my ex again”

October 28, 2018


My ex who left me a month ago to “enjoy his freedom” I hope he appreciates the confinement of the coup well done

March 29, 2020


The weather forecast announces rain, but it never rains, it looks like my ex’s promises

May 12, 20211)

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