again in a relationship with his ex M’baye Niang?

Did Émilie Fiorelli decide to reunite with her children’s father, M’baye Niang? After spending the holidays by his side with their children, the young mother talks and comes up with revelations about the state of their relationship. We tell you everything!

Émilie Fiorelli, separated from M’baye Niang

The break between Émilie Fiorelli and M’baye Niang has caused a lot of ink to flow. And very quickly, the reality TV candidate had to talk about it: ” This is not a series, but reality. In fact, some couples are created for eternity and others for a shorter period of time. It’s about going all the way and giving your story a chance. For my part, I am happy today and I do not regret it “.

And very quickly she had not failed to confirm their final separation: “I can only speak for myself because we all experience love and feelings differently. To put it briefly, I was no longer in love … Although of course one would like to believe it with children. “She then reveals before she adds:” I did not have to overcome a break, I chose this break. Due to wear and tear, abuse, I ended up detaching myself and decided. Today I am so happy. In addition to my development, my children’s development is important and I think they are happy. That’s all that matters, that we’re all happy.

Émilie Fiorelli: Again in a relationship with her ex M’baye Niang? She expresses herself

One last break

However, if their bride has been officially announced, many internet users believe that the couple may resume their romance very soon. And they do not fail to remind Émilie, who on several occasions wanted to make things clear:

Do not inform me about late nights, dating and anything that has to do with my children’s father’s privacy. We are not together anymore. At the moment, we respect each other for the sake of our children, the rest is not my business. Thanks. “It first begins with declaring in a written story.

Before they make revelations about their past relationships and confirm Internet users’ doubts about the footballer’s deception: ” I made the choice to initially show my relationship with my children’s father. Which often made me lose face. YES I was cheated and not just once. YES I was dirty, humiliated and much more than I want to avoid spreading here I am not proud of it! TODAY I made the choice (for a while) to no longer give a chance to the couple we were about to form! So STOP, do not come and tell me what he does, even if it confirms my choice, it is absolutely useless for me! Today I am happy, so are my children then everything is perfect. We get out of it as we should, that’s the most important thing. »

Émilie Fiorelli speaks

But if Emilie is the type who remains very discreet, she never fails to defend herself, especially when her children are attacked. Not long ago, Émilie had been hugely criticized by a surfer for the education she gives her children: ” Shame on you poor c * nne go, that’s the example poor kid. “The subscriber writes to him. ” Take care of your shameful children though that’s when you do it with a football player just for acid. Disgusting. »

Very quickly, she made things clear by revealing that comment: “I think it’s been months since I received any negative messages. This one has a good level! This lady seems mad at me, but I do not know her. »

Then you speak in front of the camera: Do not worry, I posted this lady’s message to show you the level of evil that some people might have on this earth. I’m not really getting any, I may have received some in the past, and still do. Honestly, I have nothing to complain about on social networks. But there it is, for once, a century ago, I had read something so violent, so evil. Also ridiculous. So here is (…) “

Emilie and M’baye Niang, again as a couple?

But if Émilie has been talking about the past few days, it’s because she was seen pretty close to her ex M’baye Niang. In fact, the ex-couple and their children spent a few days vacation together, and very quickly the rumors flew. According to internet users, a return of the couple Émilie and M’baye would be possible. And one user did not fail to ask him: ” So you spent holidays with the kids’ dad. “To which she replied:” Yes and to answer you no we do not call together anymore, we just try to take ourselves together in the interest of the children. »

Before giving up his celibacy: ” And this question also pops up all the time. I’m not in a relationship and I do not want with small children. I do not have time to have anyone in my life, I do not feel the need and I do not want to hurt my children. So. »

Émilie Fiorelli: Again in a relationship with her ex M'baye Niang?  She expresses herself Émilie Fiorelli: Again in a relationship with her ex M'baye Niang?  She expresses herself

Emilie Fiorelli and M'baye Niang: again as a couple, he dedicates a moving message to his family!

While we thought Emilie Fiorelli was definitely separated from the father of her children, M’baye Niang takes the floor and dedicates a great love message to her family. We explain you!

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