“Blood, love and tears”

INTERVIEW – On Friday, July 8, Prime Video will air the final episode of the satirical superhero series. Before a return scheduled for 2023 for a new season, Kimikos and Frenchie’s interpreters confided in these final episodes more “crazy as always”.

No spoilers! If Karen Fukuhara and Tomer Capone willingly discuss the series The boys, fans do not have to worry. The actors of Kimiko and Frenchie are not stingy with movie secrets, but do not reveal any compromising scene in the plot. The couple does not even mention season 4, but formalized several months ago. In fact, the duo already has a lot to share: from the scenario to the exercises without forgetting their participation. Since the very first season, their characters have been at the center of the action.

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In this series, where nothing is manic, Kimiko tames a mute equipped with superpowers, and Frenchie, Serge of his real name, a former mercenary, each other by fighting against their respective past and an unpredictable present. The actors’ fusion relationship favors what their roles have on screen. They do not hide their mutual recognition of working together. Tomer Capone even often teases Karen by calling her as in the program, “my heart”. Like his protagonist Frenchie, the actor knows only a few other words that form a flashing sentence: “I like the idea that I was French in one of my reincarnations”. This Friday, July 8, the Prime Video streaming platform broadcasts the grand finale of The boys. A third season that Karen Fukuhara and Tomer Capone hail with pride.

THE FIGURE. – How are you doing with the broadcast of this last episode of season 3?

Tom Capone. –
I’m really very excited and proud. We know there was great anticipation around this third season, which is justified, but so far we have responded to the call. Both early fans and new viewers must have been pleased with what we have achieved this season.

What was your reaction to reading the manuscript?
Karen FUKUHARA. – The pandemic has greatly delayed filming. The scenario had been broadcast long before the first rehearsals. When I read the plot, I knew that for Kimiko and Frenchie, we needed to learn more physical skills for dance or fight scenes. But also to further explore the emotional facets of our characters. With Tomer, we knew it was going to be a real challenge, so I join him and express my pride.

CT- This delay between the first reading and the recording made us realize when we first got on the set, the grandiose aspect of the series. So many people are on the adventure The boys, from the actors to the technicians … Yet we feel in such an intimate environment where we can discuss, make our opinion known! It’s a super bizarre paradox in the context of such a bloody, bloody, crazy series …

“I often hear from fans that our duo is ‘the heart of this series'”

Tomer Capone talks about Kimiko and Serge’s relationship

Do you develop your characters together with Eric Kripke, showrunner in the series?

CT- Eric is by far the best showrunner in the world. He keeps the helm of this series while paying close attention to our opinions. Each actor can come and see him, tell him how he feels about enriching the character together. For the dialogues between Kimiko and Frenchie, I wanted to develop sign language in all our exchanges. A proposal approved by Eric, who gradually integrated it into the scenario.

KF- Eric takes nothing for granted, so he genuinely cares about the actors and their characters. Her caring and caring attitude is impressive in such a large industry.

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How would you describe Kimiko and Serge’s relationship?
KF- From season to season, like our characters, we got closer until we became very good friends in life, and this is transcribed through the screen. We work a lot together on the relationship between our characters and their habits as a secret handshake (laughs). Kimiko and Serge have a close bond and I am very happy to work with Tomer.

TC- (addresses Karen Fukuhara editor’s note) I am very lucky to work with you! Karen is an actress who does an astronomical job and always watches over others. In all its scenes: action, dance and sign language! For Kimiko and Serge, I often hear from fans that our duo is “the heart of this series”. Together we take this status very seriously.

“The boys are one big dysfunctional family”

Karen Fukuhara

What is it like for actors to perform in sign language?

How ironic for Karen, right? She who is so talkative and nice in real life! (laughs)

KF- Above all, learning sign language was an incredible opportunity. I had the chance to work phonetics with Amanda Richer, a deaf actress known for her role in The shape of the water. This woman has been a blessing to me. She developed a language specific to the series, but also shared her experiences to help me better understand and embody Kimiko. In this normalized world of “hearing”, she explained to me that she had always felt on the fringes.

CT- When we started multiplying the signed exchanges between Frenchie and Kimiko to create a real means of communication between them, Karen shared all of these tips. She has already used them for two seasons! In times with Covid, we even trained by Zoom. Sign language should be the most important tool in our dialogues and our emotions. In this series where everyone is talking, it is very beneficial and charitable for us. There is almost something mesmerizing about it. For actors, it is a great emotional experience.

KF- I remember Tomer had the good idea to start his sentences by speaking and then end them with signs. I loved this initiative with bilingual characteristics that really enhanced our acting.

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How do you see the action scenes The boys?
We are fortunate to have good coordinators by our side to prepare our action scenes. We rehearse them weeks or even months in advance so everything is safe on the day of recording. When I play action moments, I have a hard time imagining the rendition, but I’m often traumatized. There is so much dullness in all the scenes! (laughs) After each shot I need some time, while Karen on the contrary, as a regular man, remains very happy, the parallel is funny!

KF- This season, the dance scenes were much harder. Maybe because I have better control of the action. Kimiko has fighting movements and movements. But the dance scene allowed us to spend a lot of time with Tomer and tie us even more, so why not dance a little once in a while?

How do you explain the success of The boys?

KF-The boys perfectly masters the balance between seriousness, darkness and humor. We talk about difficult current topics, but with an offbeat approach.

CT- We really decipher the following questions: “What if superheroes really existed, then they would save us?”. To answer that, the series evokes social networks, corruption, the pursuit of power … In addition, viewers have become attached to our characters, and the plots are never the same.

Would you say this third season is the best in the series so far?
Especially the craziest! It may sound banal to say, but it really is. When I watched this season, I stuck to my chair. The episodes are real emotional slides, intense, bloody!

KF- The boys is a large dysfunctional family, and this third season only promotes this idea through three expressions: blood, love and tears!

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