Businesses crack with the young and rediscover the benefits of the old!

When I was 35, the bank where I worked had decided that we were too old and that we should be thrown out before 40, otherwise the bank would have to pay us until 65, which did not really suit them. !

Given the involvement of current young people and their resistance to action, companies are completely changing their tune, in the end the old ones were much better, even though they are less malleable and obedient, and with good reason, young people are not obedient, they are not malleable , they are quite “expensive” and moreover … the resistance to effort is no longer there.

Our poor children are not really responsible for it. We have raised them (I speak collectively) in a kind of silly sentimentality à la Oui-Oui and its yellow taxi since its earliest childhood. You have to talk nicely to them, you can not demand too much of them, and even when the notebook is rotten and musty, the mistress takes on a happy man (I’m talking about things that have been experienced personally). It’s disturbing. Between the screens and the consoles, there are no more children from the U15s (13/14 years) in the football club who make an effort to push the ball in real life in Norman rain, play Fifa 15 or 18. t remember the number is much more comfortable in the heat at the bottom of his sofa.

All the indicators we give them, all benchmarks are wrong.

So when they arrive at the harsh reality, let’s not deny it from the professional life, it is the collapse. A breakdown that can be avoided because the purpose of the workout is to prepare you to face the world of the “big guys”.

“More and more young people are taking full advantage of the difficult working conditions that are often imposed on beginners. To the point that some experience burnout from the start of their careers. This is the case for three of those who said yes to testifying.

For a week, Justin Caumeil has stopped going to the traditional restaurant where he trains, in Saint-Félix-de-Lodez (Hérault). This chef is only 27 years old, but here he is already in full professional burnout, just like other young people his age.

Look, poor Justin is not even 30, and he’s already suffering from burnout. I can tell you, despite all the sympathy I can have for this young Justin, that his career of 42 annuities will seem really long to him. Very long.

This information needs to be related to understand its scope with this other information where we explain to you that in the end it is so much better to recruit old people! It’s in Courrier International.

Occupation. “Looking for a professional over 50”: why seniors are popular with companies

“Too outdated, too expensive … In short, too old: Seniors are often wrongfully put on the sidelines by recruiters. But in aging countries, such as Spain, experience and know-how are becoming a rare gem for companies,” it says. conservative newspaper “El Mundo”.

“We overestimate the value of youth in itself, and we have stopped appreciating more intangible things: resilience, humility, the ability to adapt to change, the fact that life has taught you to suffer, to accept frustration. Things that only experience gives you and that no master or trade school can teach. ”

These words are those of Gonzalo, a (veteran) entrepreneur in the communications sector, who has long ago changed the list of skills required in his job offer:

“Looking for a professional over 50 years. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. “

“For a long time we have not wanted young people under the pretext that they did not know how to do something,” Gonzalo continues. Only experience and seniority were appreciated. Today we are under the pendulum swing in the opposite situation: young people are now highly qualified professionals, but you cannot dismiss workers with fifteen or twenty years of experience just because they are more trendy. ”

But there is a real reason that does not appear.

No, young people are not better educated at all.

They are generally bad at everything, and possibly sometimes good technically when asked to rub screens or press a keyboard, and again, from the height of my almost 50 years, I can tell you that I know more about social networks and the function of computers and field mice as Chirac said in Les Guignols than many young people who confuse skills and knowledge with the use of screens.

The young people are technically bad and poorly trained. But at the border it can be made up and the gaps can be filled.

What you cannot change, however, is a state of mind.

And when you as a 27-year-old have a great professional fatigue, when you are already exhausted before you started, the basic problem is behavioral, and it is not the company’s task to do psychotherapy for young people who follow a collectively failing education without a taste for effort, where lying. is raised to truth.

So I can make you a prediction that comes true and my chickens agree.

The old ones are becoming more popular. There will be two categories of young people. Those who understand the need for effort and hypocrisy in society and the education system, and those who prefer to believe in nonsense.

The first will be very few.

They will perform excellently in a world of lovable sloths. .

And the amiable sloths, which are many more, will always ask more of the former in the name of social justice.

And the country will go bankrupt and we are well on our way.

While all this could be avoided. How ? With wisdom and common sense and do what has always been done. We balance young and old. The elders train the youth and pass on their know-how and their way of doing things. But even that gets lost in the limbo of a society going crazy.

Charles SANNAT

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