Did Stranger Things get his Will Byers gay scene right? It is complicated

The question of Will Byers’ sexuality finally finds an answer in foreign things season 4, but it’s still worth wondering if the show did well. In the midst of a city plagued by gruesome deaths and supernatural creatures, Netflix Original is still a growing story, especially as its teenage characters have become protectors of their city. These young heroes also began to navigate teenage relationships and explore their identities. As such, the sexual identity of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) has been the subject of speculation since the first episodes of foreign thingsonly to be confirmed four seasons later.

foreign things season 1 was about Will Byers disappearance after his kidnapping on Upside Down. Although his friends and family eventually saved him, he never completely escaped as he could still feel Mind Flayer’s presence. As a result, Will lost much of his childhood, especially when his friends began to pursue interests without pretending to play with him. While the socially awkward teenager was forced to act mature, he also had to come to terms with his own identity.

Her relationship with Mike in foreign things season 4 volume 1 suggested that Will could be gay. The student (Millie Bobby Brown) noticed that Will has been painting a lot lately, probably dedicated to someone he loves. When they picked up Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) from the airport, Will planned to give the painting to his best friend, but withdrew at the last minute. This painting turned out to be really significant when he brought it, even when they fled from their home. He was also visibly upset in the past that he was delegated as Mike and the Student’s third wheel, instead of spending more time with his best friend. These clues, along with comments from the cast, fueled viewers’ expectations that Will’s sexuality would finally be addressed in foreign things season 4 volume 2, especially since the series’ previous season managed to include the ending of Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke). But do foreign things Will Will Byer do justice to his future story?

How Stranger Things 4 confirms that Will Byers is gay

In his penultimate section of section 4, foreign things confirms that Will Byers is gay. While it explicitly avoids noticing Will’s sexuality, the show does more than suggest it this time. At the back of Argyle’s (Eduardo Franco) pizza truck, Mike shares his doubts about his future with Eleven; Will is quick to allay his best friend’s concerns by finally revealing his painting. The unveiled work of art shows a group of knights, led by Mike, fighting a three-headed dragon. While explaining how Mike is the heart that holds their group together, Will practically confesses his own feelings to his friend in a declaration of love, disguised only as a relationship advice to him and the Eleven.

Will talks about how difficult it has been for Eleven to cope with life in California in recent months, especially because she is different from other teenagers. Also foreign things the characters are gathered in different places where Mike has been thousands of miles away. Will explains to Mike:When you are different, you sometimes feel like you are wrong. But you make her feel like she’s not a bug at all. As if she was better because she was different and that gave her the courage to fight.“Although he hides behind the Student, Will’s speech clearly relates to his own experiences of feeling confused, different and worthless – but being with Mike gave him enough reason to continue. Unfortunately, Mike is unaware of this connection, so while reassured about his relationship with the Eleven, he barely realizes that Will is already crying next to him and looking out the van window.

The problem with Will Byers’ cry scene with Mike

Will’s passionate speech makes him cry, but only his brother Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) notices what’s really going on. Mike does not react heartbreakingly to this, but he can shut down everything else around him because of his own fear for the Student’s safety. Although Mike does not see Will cry, it is quite understandable, so it still does not excuse his inability to feel empathy with his best friend. After all, this behavior goes totally against Mike’s characteristics throughout. foreign things; Mike is not the most emotionally conscious character in the program, but when it comes to Will, he has always been on point. Other than that, Will spills out and suggests he will never stop needing Mike in his life, but in the end, this scene is only in the service of the Student’s relationship. and Mike. Will’s confession is simply treated as a tool to get Mike to finally admit that he loves the Eleven in a later crucial scene.

Has Stranger Things done enough with Will Byers?

The path foreign things has handled Will’s growing age so far is a rather complicated journey. After suggesting that Will is gay, the show confirms his identity, but only to promote a heterosexual relationship in the process. Instead, he could have had the chance to explore that side of himself without having unhappy feelings and being exposed to heartache at a young age. Fortunately, Jonathan also understood and assured, in a romance with Nancy (Natalia Dyer), his brother, that he would always love him no matter what. Though the scene was certainly heartfelt and genuine, it underscored their brotherly love and Jonathan’s unconditional acceptance of his brother. While family support is hugely important in any future story, Will’s sexuality and his story as a whole have often been pushed aside to further the plots of others.

On the other hand, foreign thingsThe refusal to explicitly label Will could also indicate that as a teenager in the rural Midwest, he still takes his time and learns more about himself. He is still figuring out who he is and what he really wants. Moreover, should foreign things season 5, with its time jump, ends up choosing to label Will’s sexuality, it will leave it up to the other characters whether they will accept or reject it. Anyone who readily accepts Will’s preference would deprive the audience of a realistic portrayal of a queer teenager in the mid-1980s, a time when queer people were particularly targeted, while a direct rejection of him would so unnecessarily hate among the characters. . Hopefully, as Will will most likely be in the center of foreign things season 5, his journey will be further elaborated, leaving a satisfying ending to his story.

foreign things Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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