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Tony’s return, Kelly’s fatherhood, the love story between Guillaume and Laetitia … Florence Coste, the interpreter of the sparkling Laetitia, tells us more about what awaits her character in the next episodes of ‘Here it all begins.

Allociné: It’s more than a year since you came to the series Here it all begins. What is your assessment of this adventure?

Florence Coste : I’m very happy with the way Laetitia’s character has evolved. She and Kelly (Axelle Dodier) have found a place at the institute to create their lives. Laetitia finally found the love that was one of her great quests [rires], she was promoted to an important position and she was reunited with her sister. A lot is happening to her and it is going in the direction she wants. It is fantastic!

We were able to take advantage of the character’s comedy because she has this slightly naughty side and also work more emotionally with her past. It is very rich to interpret and it is a very interesting character to defend. I am happy with the direction the authors are giving it.

It is true that it feels much more peaceful. We have the impression that he is a character who has become very mature even in his relationship with Kelly …

That is clear. His immaturity calms down a bit, the lies too. The fact that she has found a place where she builds her life and is in a healthy relationship with someone who loves her plays a big role. But the nice thing is that she keeps her side a little quirky. You never know how she’s going to react. It is endearing to see her flourish, solve her problems and follow her on this path.

The relationship between Laetitia and Kelly is particularly touching. How do you view this mother-daughter relationship?

The most beautiful thing for me in Here it all begins, is this relationship and this duet with Axelle Dodier. Participation was immediate between us.

Laetitia and Kelly have always been in love and complicit. It was also fun to see this reverse relationship where the maturity came from Kelly and not from Laetitia. Now things are changing. Sometimes it is Laetitia who is there for her daughter and vice versa. It is a very rich relationship that offers many opportunities. Always with a lot of love and participation.

A few days ago, Laetitia saw a love for youth back. However, if she seems happy in the household, she is not insensitive to the charm of Tony (Kevin Dias). How will this relationship develop in the next sections?

Above all, Tony’s arrival allows Laetitia to reconnect with her youth, at a time when she was completely carefree and light-hearted. A very happy period of his life, as that was, above all, what happened with Kelly’s birth.

Tony returns, and their participation is reborn immediately. There is something that takes her back to this somewhat crazy period in her life. I really think for her there is no ambiguity in this relationship. There is only one major contribution. She took so long to find that relationship and that stability with Guillaume (Bruno Putzulu) that I do not think she is ready to question her marriage for it. But she wants to take advantage of Tony as a friend. This funny and light side is something that Guillaume does not bring to him. She needs this wind of madness because it’s part of her personality.

Laetitia is really on this line there. Tony does not at all, but she is not aware of it [rires]. Guillaume will for once be very jealous of this relationship, while Laetitia still has the impression of being super fair and that everything is clear. She does not understand how Tony and Guillaume react. It will be complex to deal with for her and especially this jealousy of Guillaume which will be very very intense.

Exactly, we know that Guillaume is capable of the “worst” when he is jealous. We imagine that he will make himself all the colors. What can we expect?

Complete! It will really upset the balance of their relationship. From Laetitia’s point of view, there is no reason, because she is really extremely clear in what she wants. She tries to reassure him, but at the same time she does not want to sacrifice a friendship. She does not think it is fair that we actually ask her about it. Tony’s arrival will reveal Guillaume’s dark side.

Kelly is very protective of her mother, what role will she play in this whole story?

Kelly will act as a buffer. Although she had trouble accepting this relationship at first, she will defend Guillaume until the moment when he really transcends boundaries. She will try to temper things as she can. But whether she takes Guillaume’s side or Tony’s, she will only protect her mother.

Laetitia is a character known for his lies. Can we really believe her when she claims that Tony is not the father of her daughter?

I saw that many people did not believe it [rires]. I can tell you that Laetitia is convinced that Tony is not Kelly’s father. Does that mean it’s his father or not? Well, I can not say that. When she says that, at least she’s sincere.

Kelly’s paternity will soon be discussed …

Absolutely! With Axelle, we were very happy that this theme arrived because it is still an important part of their story. For his character and his construction, it’s super interesting! In addition, it was also a very traumatic event in Laetitia’s life. Seeing this character will be very interesting for Kelly and Laetitia.

We saw you sing during the episode dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Do you enjoy this experience and will we have the pleasure of hearing you again in the series?

I was very happy to be made to sing in the series. I was able to meet the people who take care of the music on Here Everything Begins and I think they do a great job. It was really nice to record “Le coup de soleil” with them.

I’m totally ready to sing again. Besides, I had started singing, but the actress has since taken precedence over the singer. It is always a great pleasure when I am asked to sing along in my projects. Besides, it was a nice sequence.

After being a housekeeper, Laetitia became the assistant principal. Will its role at the institute change again with the arrival of the master?

I do not know, but I would love it. That would be kind of success story. She struggled, but thanks to her sense of contact and her tricks, she managed to move up in rank, to take up more space at the department. At least I really like this idea.

We loved the intrigue with the parents of Laetitia and Salomé. Will Sylvie and François return to the institute soon?

We want it because we laugh a lot together. I find that the more family relationships that develop, the better it is for us. And it is true that this relationship was a good one.

We have the feeling that things are not completely settled between them …

I think there’s something wrong with his father. I’m not sure she will continue with him. For his mother, the rapprochement has begun and the bond has been recreated. Exploring this relationship with genuine forgiveness would be great.

To speak of Salomé (Aurélie Pons), we do not see much of your character with her sister at the moment. We imagine that with the intrigue of Tony and Kelly’s fatherhood, they will be brought to interact again …

I love when Laetitia and Salomé support each other in the trials they go through. As Laetitia will go through some storms, Salomé will come to support her.

Do you have other projects outside the series that you would like to tell us about?

I’m in the theater right now. I play in “Titanic – The Crazy Crossing”, a play that repeats the history of the Titanic and is staged by the company Les Moutons Noirs. It’s a comedy version of the Titanic with a lot of imagination, ingenuity, but with a sinking ship anyway in the end. I play it in Avignon in July at the Théâtre du Roi René, and then I return to play it in August in Paris.

I also star in “Well Over the Silence”, a performance that is about committed poets, and which in particular resonates with all the news of the moment. It will be at the La Luna Theater at the Avignon Festival.

It is very important for me to be able to keep on stage. It’s true that with the very busy schedule for Here It All Begins, it’s not always easy, but I manage. And it makes me very happy to be able to lead the two frontally.

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