his terrible relationship to a narcissistic pervert, shocking testimony!

After her participation in the M6 ​​show, Cyndie met the expert Estelle Dossin during a live on the following topic: The narcissistic perverts. A topic that the candidate unfortunately knows very well.

A participation that ends in divorce

It’s full of hope that Cyndie joins Married at first sight. She trusts the experts to find the love of her life. 76% compatible with Jauffrey, she agrees to marry him. Viewers follow the first month of their relationship every week, full of ups and downs. At the time of the assessment, it’s the cold shower for Jauffrey. In front of the experts, Cyndie says everything she thinks. The young man, however, had not expected it.

I found out he was not so interested in me “,” I wish he had offered me to come and sleep with him instead of leaving me alone “,” I did not expect that from my marriage “,” Very quickly we were in the routine, Cyndie launches. Hard words that push the experts to intervene.

Philosopher and no doubt aware that his couple is no longer Jauffrey, drops the sentence too much. ” I can not save someone who will not be“. Cyndie takes this thought very badly. ” With all that I said, I think he had to send me a picture to try to upgrade“. Eventually, to complete the balance, the two candidates decide not to continue their marriage and to divorce.

Cyndie’s toxic relationship

Cyndie accepted Estelle Dossin’s invitation. On Instagram, the two women talked about a serious and topical issue devoted to narcissistic perverts. In the air, it is with a certain humor that the young woman talks about her past. But this humor actually hides a deep wound, a trauma born of a toxic relationship with a narcissistic pervert who is determined to cut her off from the world.

During the broadcast of the show, Cyndie is heavily condemned by internet users. They blame him for his behavior. But the young woman does not react warmly. It was not until June 23 that she decided to speak for the first time. She says she took the time necessary to “calm her anger”. The candidate begins in particular by clarifying that she has not been divorced because Jauffrey’s apartment was under construction and without a toilet. She simply decided to listen to her intuition. And when we hear about the trials that have been her in the past, we understand why the young woman decided to trust herself.

Married at first sight: the underside of a relationship with a narcissistic pervert

For a year, Cyndie goes out with a man she presents herself as a narcissistic pervert. To Estelle Dossin, she agrees to give herself up and return to this painful experience. In particular, she begins by explaining how these men, who know very well how to seduce women, manage to play with the women they meet.

For two weeks I was put on a golden dish, I was the most beautiful woman in the world“. But this is only a lure, a well-rehearsed strategy. Soon the real intentions of the pervert are brought to life. And then the manipulation begins: He tried to cut me off from my girlfriends by telling me they were not there for me. »

Estelle Dossin jumps back and explains how these men work. The pattern is always the same. They want to make women, who are seen here as victims, addicted. And for that, you have to create doubt, destroy their self-esteem, their self-confidence.. The narcissistic pervert’s fatal weapon? ” The paradoxical injunction“. Words that touch Cyndie, her who remembers this traumatic relationship perfectly.

I had the impression that he took all the threads in my brain and tied them in knots (…) I said to myself: “It’s me who has a problem, I need to see someone.” ‘a …“. We hope for Cyndie that in time she will be able to get rid of this relationship completely. For the narcissistic perverts even touch the victims who manage to get out of it. They need time to regain their confidence, their light, their sunshine.

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