La Nupes has filed a no-confidence motion against the government … which is doomed to fail

This is the first lawsuit against Elisabeth Borne. The Prime Minister will not seek a declaration of confidence in the National Assembly following his general political statement, on Wednesday, July 6, to the newly elected deputies. Engaging its responsibilities would actually be too risky with the 250 seats and the relative majority of Renaissance deputies (formerly LREM). A first time in thirty years, when Pierre Bérégovoy (1992-1993) refused to submit to tradition.

No matter: the left-wing alliance Nupes will, at the initiative of La France insoumise, file a no-confidence motion. “Mrs Borne, we are not abusing democracy with impunity. We will therefore bring you before Parliament by force.”, Val-de-Marne’s deputy, Mathilde Panot, said on Twitter on Monday. A proposal that has little chance of success.

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The whole of Nupes will file a no-confidence motion against the government

Hold the government accountable

Pursuant to Article 2 of Article 49 of the Constitution, a motion of censure allows the National Assembly to: “questioning government responsibility”. Two days after it has been submitted by at least 58 deputies, a vote is held in the hemicycle. The Prime Minister must then submit his government’s resignation if the motion of censure is passed by an absolute majority in the Assembly, that is, 289 deputies.

Between 1958 and 2018, 58 “spontaneous” no-confidence votes were cast. Only one was approved in 1962, leading to the resignation of Prime Minister Michel Debré and the appointment of Georges Pompidou in his place.

Emmanuel Macron, the president who disliked parliament

Would it therefore be a symbolic movement? “In the assembly everything is symbolic”evades with “the Obs” the deputy of the Seine-Saint-Denis Alexis Corbière. “We do our job as opponents by making proposals and speaking out against a government whose legitimacy does not depend on anything. »

For the member, this is to show it “We do not agree with the government’s method, which is to say: ‘Once the president is elected, even on a rejection and not on membership, the assembly does not care'”. Alexis Corbière ensures that this vote of no confidence is one of the tools “re-parliamentarisation of political life” and “not a game tactic”.

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“It’s a fun method”responded on Monday the new government rapporteur, Olivier Véran. “It is not my idea to want to censor someone who has not started speaking yet. Even before the Prime Minister has spoken in the Chamber, there is a party that believes that it must be prevented from moving forward. Nobody has an interest in blocking ”, he hammered in front of the press at the end of a first cabinet meeting. said Olivier Véran to himself “convinced” that there would be no majority for this no-confidence motion. “Again, everyone is free to choose their own methods”he concluded.

A relocation that marks the entrance or exit of the tunnel for Macron?

Consensus among Nupes

In fact, it is far from won for the “rebels”. For though, Alexis Corbière confirms, “the motion of censure will be presented by all the Nupes components”with the support of all deputies in the left-wing alliance, the New People’s Ecological and Social Union can only count on 147 votes.

Until Tuesday, the support of all partners on the left had not even been secured: on June 20, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, had explained to Franceinfo that the no-confidence motion against the government was not “not a common position for Nupes at present”, to ensure that the subject may be the fruit “of a discussion between us, between ecologists, communists, the” rebels “”.

“Macron does not understand how to lead a coalition”

A way to take some distance with La France insoumise on the subject? ‘Olivier Faure himself had said that [quelques jours plus tard, au micro de BFMTV, NDLR] : if the majority does not wish to submit to a vote of confidence, a vote of no confidence shall be cast “temperament Alexis Corbière.

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LR and RN slam the door

As for the other oppositions, the doors are closed irrevocably. “We will not join LFI’s votes”, announced this Tuesday on BFMTV the interim president of LR, Annie Genevard. If she says understand it “confidence in the government is eroded”she assures that the purpose of the Republicans “is not the political stunt”. And to conclude:

“The Prime Minister would not be able to gain confidence. But from there to overthrow the government by combining our votes with the votes of La France insoumises, no, I believe that Les Républicains is a responsible party that will not go this way. »

On the side of the National Rally, which is proud to be the first opposition to the National Assembly, we will also not vote in favor of the motion of censure on La France insoumise. A guest on RTL two days before the general political speech on Monday, Sébastien Chenu, vice-president of the Palais-Bourbon and spokesman for the RN, assessed that “Deputies to the far left will block everything, break everything”.

Emmanuel Macron, from President Jupiter to Relative President

If he is very critical of the new Borne government, without “logic” none of them “guideline”he assures that RN deputies, unlike their number one enemy, are not “not there to block everything, break everything”, them. Vote for the no-confidence motion, ” It is no use “he had already rated on BFMTV Friday. “Rebellious France wants to turn the National Assembly into a ZAD [Zone à défendre] », also criticized Monday night on the same channel Julien Odoul, deputy RN in Yonne and spokesman for the party. The left has managed to unite: for the union of the oppositions it will be necessary to go back.

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