students from professional baccalaureate also stand out in the general competition

Victor Hugo, Jean Jaurès, Georges Pompidou or even … Emmanuel Macron. These are some of the famous winners of the prestigious general high school competition, which each year rewards the best students in each discipline. Since 1995, this has symbol of imitation and expertise “, said Pap Ndiaye, the Minister of National Education, opened up to high school students preparing for a professional high school diploma. A way to promote vocational school and to highlight new profiles.

Marianne met two of these winners from the professional high school during the awards ceremony held at the amphitheater in the Sorbonne on 7 July.

Thomas Lochon, 1st foundry prize

At 16 years old, Thomas Lochon is the youngest winner of the general competition in 2022. At the Sorbonne on Thursday, July 7, he was eligible for all honors. A few minutes before the ceremony, the boy presents, discreetly but sufficiently confidently, to the Minister of National Education some achievements of the students in the foundry sector. Graduates were to make a cast iron swallow according to a model designed by students from the École Supérieure d’Art de Tourcoing (ESA).

Thomas Lochon in full presentation against Pap Ndiaye.

Hadrien Brachet / Marianne

From when I was very young, I have been very fond of crafts, working with materials by hand. “, The high school student tells Marianne. So much so that this Bordelais, when choosing his post-college orientation, asked his parents to enroll him in boarding school at the polyvalent high school Henri Brisson in Vierzon (Cher), one of the six institutions offering the foundry sector in France. ” My parents did everything to make sure I was where I likedsmiles Thomas. Boarding school went really well because I was educated in a pretty resourceful way. I even had a lot of fun! “.

Above all, the young man showed up quickly. While he was bored in the first months of his second, the company decided to send him directly during the year on first class. ” He knew what he wantedshares Jérôme Grades, his foundry teacher. He reinforced everyone with his zest for life, his way of working, his motivation. It is a locomotive, its dynamics have inspired others. And the teacher remembers an exercise in bronze fusion that Thomas, a rare thing, began to perform alone in the second attempt: ” I told him I was of no use to him anymore! Often on Wednesday afternoons the student went to the studio with his teacher. And took advantage of his vacation to take an internship, especially at the art foundry Cyclopes in Mérignac (Gironde), where the young prodigy will continue his work-study career from next year, alongside a BTS.

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In his foundry, he explodes “, Excites Jérôme Grades, of whom Thomas is proud. A profile “ impressive which the teacher had never seen. ” In our sector, many children are there without really knowing what they want “, he explains.” I chose the professional path to this sector, unlike many in the professional matriculation exam who choose by default “, Assumes Thomas. Who is not hiding: I worked very little with general subjects, the level was so low that I was bored. “Boys,” very shy at the beginning of his career, according to his teacher, gained confidence. “ He has a lot of humor, he even has a teasing sidelaughs Jérôme Grades. It’s great to see such a child. »

Zian Delaite, 18, 1st prize in fashion

With her high-waisted ocher trousers, her Louis Vuitton belt, her platform Doc Martens and her loose shirt, Zian Delaite already looks like a dandy. ” I’m passionate about what’s vintage ‘ “, Breathes the young man of 18 years. He won the first prize in the thesis “fashion job – clothes” and now dreams of creating his brand and selling his own creations. ” He is a very independent, diligent student who performs work of very high quality.excited Patricia Muller, her modeling teacher at Jean Rostand High School in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). At the beginning of the year, I discovered it. It is therefore not surprising that the student from the Vosges, whose parents do not work in the fashion world, excellently passed the two parts of the general competition, one theoretical, the other practical, based on the production an environmentally responsible dress and coat set, whose model is designed by a company in the north of France.

Zian Delaite faces the Minister of National Education at the Sorbonne.

Hadrien Brachet / Marianne

As he thought ” go into medicine “, it is ” on a whim that Zian Delaite finally chose the fashion industry. ” My parents were a little surprised, all of a sudden I came home and told them I wanted to do fashionhe says. But they see that I’m burning. They followed me completely. “The boy who sewed with his grandmothers as a child spends his free time,” day and night », To make clothes in the workshop he has set up at home.

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Her teacher proudly displays a picture of a blue dress that her student has designed for the charity ball. ” It’s almost ten years ago that we in our high school had not sent anyone from our sector to the general competitionshe remarks. It makes me really happy, we see that motivated young people can succeed and acquire solid competencies at the professional student level. Zian Delaite would not let go of fashion for the world. Next year he is going to a private school in Strasbourg to get a design degree.

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