7 signs that prove your partner is cheating on you

Whether you are a woman or a man, married for years or newlyweds, infidelity is one of the main reasons to look up in France and everywhere else. However, it is still easier to accept an extramarital affair that lasts a few days than one that goes back several years. To avoid this, it is your duty to expose your partner’s infidelity and the sooner the better. Here are 7 signs that indicate that your boyfriend may be cheating on you.

He or she comes home later and later at night

A sudden or gradual change of schedule? If your partner is no longer rushing home for dinner with you as usual, you seriously need to ask yourself this question. These delays can actually be explained by an affair with another person.

April Masini, a relationship specialist explains:

“When someone changes their habits or no longer has a fixed schedule as before, be vigilant. When your partner’s schedule changes without explanation or without him or her talking about it first, it can be a sign of infidelity.”

But that, of course, depends on the nature of the person’s job.

2. He or she rejects your one-on-one dates

So when you plan to have romantic evenings, does your partner always find an excuse to cancel or invite someone else? What makes the romantic evening turn into an outing with colleagues. If this happens more than once, take precautions.

It is also possible that your treasure goes out on a romantic evening, but always find ways to end it quickly, by inventing unfounded excuses. It can be a way to make time for the second conquest. Generally, a real night between couples ends very late.

According to subject matter experts:

“Dividing the evening in two to make time for a romantic evening with another person is a sign that your partner may be cheating on you. »

3. He insists on doing his laundry alone.

A relationship professional once said:

“Be careful when your partner prevents you from touching his laundry or starts handing over his clothes at the dry cleaner. He may want to hide some evidence, and it’s easier for someone who is unfaithful to his wife to even take care of her. wash. »

If he insists on getting the laundry washed, do not rejoice too soon. Maybe he does not want you to smell the perfume that is not yours on his shirt. The issue of domestic duties is a discussion that often causes quarrels in a couple, but in general, laundry does not make women complain.

4. He or she has a new bank card

Does your partner use a new card? This may seem trivial to you, but know that once we get married, we share everything, even bank accounts. According to April Masini:

“If you find a new credit card that you did not know existed, it could be a sign of infidelity. »

Unless the credit card is related to his work!

5. Your partner lets you mess through their phone

This may be good news, but do not forget that the liar above all seeks to assure his victim that he is telling the truth. According to the explanations of psychiatrist Scott Haltzman, physician and author of the book “The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity”:

“It’s pretty common for a person who cheats to have another cell phone to avoid getting caught.”

The reverse is also true. If your partner does not want to let you touch their phone, they are hiding something and they have not been able to hide it anywhere else yet. That said, many people, even as a couple, prefer to have their privacy. So it’s up to you.

6. Your relationship is platonic

A broker said:

“Not wanting to have sex with you anymore – or having much less than usual – can mean many things, including that your partner is unfaithful.”

This can have several causes, for health or other reasons. We are not going to lie to each other, sex is an important element of a romantic relationship. Over time, it can become a habit and become boring. If this happens to you, consider talking about it with your partner and experiencing new sensations.

7. Your partner gives you gifts for no reason.

This sign is especially aimed at men. Sometimes out of guilt and the search for forgiveness, your husband offers gifts without any special event. It can also be a way to balance the trade because he has just offered a gift to someone else, he is offering something to you to calm his conscience.

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