90 Days Engaged: The best pictures before and after winter weight loss ranked

90-day-old fiancé cast Winter Everett impresses viewers of The Family Chantel with her spectacular post-surgical weight loss makeover images.

Winter Everett from The Family Chantel has had one of the most interesting 90-day fiancé transformations, and her photos before and after a weight loss operation speak for themselves. Winter was introduced as Chantel Everett’s younger sister in season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé. Unlike Chantel, whose relationship with Pedro Jimeno was at the helm of the show, Winter did not contribute much drama at the time. However, she stepped into the spotlight with her boyfriend Jah at the TLC spin-off, and since her breakup, the 27-year-old has embarked on a fitness journey that reaps wonderful results.

Outside of the Chantel family, Winter seemed to keep her life fairly quiet. Winter and Jah met when she was 19. When she was in her twenties, Winter spent time with Jah’s daughter from a previous relationship that she considered her own. But when she became a prominent cast in the 90 Day Fiancé, Winter’s life could no longer be kept private. Jah proposed to Winter at The Chantel Family, and fans quickly learned about their split off-camera. Winter realized that she deserved more respect in her relationship. Fans also felt that Winter, the friendliest of all Everett family members, was being exploited by his ex-girlfriend.

Jah asked Winter to go and she returned to her family to start a new chapter filled with self-love and positivity. Winter, 90 Day Fiancé’s fan favorite, always had the full support of The Family Chantel fans during her public weight loss, and her brother River Everett always cheered her on. While Chantel and Winter may have had some frictions in their relationship, their fraternal bonds are now stronger than ever, as 90 Day Fiancé fans can clearly see on Winter’s Instagram. Winter’s IG profile served as inspiration for fans to start their own weight loss journey as the reality star posts some impressive photos.

Winter became honest about losing weight with The Family Chantel viewers on social media. But when she returned for season 4 of The Family Chantel in June, fans saw Winter make a life-changing medical decision. Winter had posted before and after photos of herself after losing 50 kilos exactly a year ago on the weekend of July 4th. While the post has now been deleted, Winter had written: “The picture on the left was taken a few years ago. Winter admitted she weighed about 330 pounds at the time and was “the heaviest” she had ever weighed.

Health was not a priority for Winter in his past with the “unfortunate situations” around him. But her “body cried out for help,” and Winter began a life of improving her own condition. “By 2020, I completely changed my focus point,” wrote Winter, who has now decided to focus on “WHO I AM”, which was no easy task. 90-day fiancé Celeb Winter had to give up snacking on junk food and began to calm down by first eating her proteins, then her vegetables and then a serving of rice while she tasted each bite. Winter finally decided to have the gastric sleeve surgery she had always wanted. It was performed at Bach Hospital and Medical Center in Tijuana, where doctors removed 75% of Winter’s stomach.

Although Winter and fashionista Chantel have the same pedigree, they have completely different body types, which became something of a sore point for the younger sister. Winter talked about feeling inadequate next to her sister, and it hurt her self-esteem. Winter is often compared to Chantel, so she started wearing more makeup and hating her curly hair. She wondered why they did not look alike even though Winter and Chantel ran together and were even on the same cheerleading team. But Winter apparently learned the value of self-acceptance. She is no longer the person she was when she entered the world of 90-day fiancé, but her unique character and the pride she is in knowing how far she has come is what makes her really adorable and healthy.

Credit: Winter Everett / Instagram

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