Alizée: Annily Chatelain, her daughter, separated from her mysterious boyfriend, sun and champagne, she enjoys

The eldest daughter of Alizée and Jérémy Chatelain has grown up well. Annily was born on April 28, 2005 and has become a beautiful young woman who even competes with her famous mother in beauty. Very active on social networks, like all young people her age, she often shares her daily life as an ultra-trendy teenager.

Excursions with girlfriends, holiday photos in a bikini, moments with family and girlfriends … she pleases her subscribers. When we talk about love, it seems that the one who was read by his father and gently humiliated by his mother is no longer in a relationship. And with good reason, she deleted all traces of her treasure on her networks.

C for EASY

If you follow Annily Chatelain on social networks, you have definitely already seen her in the company of a beautiful brunette whose identity has never been revealed. The 17-year-old girl showed herself with this for a long time, but their love story is now combined with the past. The proof? She made a major cleanup of her networks by deleting the images on which they appear together. Why ? Alas, we do not yet have the exact answer to this question; however, it could be that their relationship ended because the Lord went elsewhere more than once.

At least that’s what Purepeople magazine puts forward after the young girl’s reactions to TikTok. She sang part of the lyrics to Irène Cara’s Fame song, “Im gonna live forever”, or “I’ll live forever” in French, and wrote:

“You live 5 minutes longer every time you get hired.”

A few days later, still on the social network, Annily declared that one should never trust men. So do you think she’s right?

She’s enjoying life … soon the big departure

Admittedly, a separation is always painful, but life goes on and we must make the best of it. For her case, Annily Chatelain decided to spend her vacation near Ajaccio. Boat trip with her group of friends, little ones posing at a restaurant, she enjoys the sun’s rays on the beach in Ardiane.

The young woman fully deserves to live beautiful moments and it is necessary that she rests after passing the French matriculation exam on 16 June 2022. In addition, after the holidays she should leave the family nest to continue her studies. For information, very attracted to fashion and marketing, Annily would like to join the Condé Nast School in London.

Alizée, an anxious mother

Although only a few hours by plane separate the island of beauty and the land of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Alizée is a little apprehensive about the future departure of her eldest, who currently lives with her and Grégoire Lyonnet.

“It’s going to be very hard. I feel like I have to have another only daughter because she does not want to be with me anymore,” she said in an interview.

As a reminder of her relationship with her partner in “DALS”, the interpreter of “Lolita” became the mother of a little girl named Maggy on November 24, 2019. And according to her words, the two sisters are “very complicit, very united Therefore, when Annily leaves the nest to fly away to other horizons, she (Maggy) will grow up on her own, as an only daughter. One thing is for sure, also very close to her daughter, Alizée will always be there for Annily, who she kindly ridiculed on Instagram.

A thief “

On April 28, 2022, Annily Chatelain celebrated her 17th birthday. A date that his mother would not have forgotten about anything in the world. On her Instagram account, she congratulated him on his birthday, accompanied by a series of photos. Although the singer adores her daughter, it happens that the latter irritates her by her habit.

In fact, the teenager has the annoying habit of stealing things from his mother; especially clothes. It must be said that they are almost equal in size and resemble sisters. After noticing that she was still going to dig into her wardrobe, Alizée decided to embarrass her on social networks. By reposting a story from Annily where she is wearing one of her T-shirts, the singer wrote “Thief”. It remains to be seen whether his daughter has understood the lesson.

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