Angry trade unionists: “Minister refused to receive us”

The Minister of Public Service, Stanislas Guerini, visited Bigorre on Friday 8 July. The CGT Territorial unions in Tarbes, USD 65 CGT Santé Sociaux and CGT Finances Publiques 65 asked to speak to him. Stanislas Guireni did not want to receive the professional organizations directly. It was therefore his adviser on public transformation, Ulysse Dorioz, who arranged for this meeting in the prefecture of Tarbes.

Gilles Haurie, for the Territorial CGT, was the first to speak. “We apologize once again, but it is recurring since Emmanuel Macron is on the Elysée that every time a minister comes to the department, we are sent an adviser. We believe that the Minister must come and immerse himself in the social and economic situation. It must therefore consult the elected representatives, the employers’ representatives, but also the trade unions. We said it loud and clear this morning. It was then explained to him that there was a mistake in the name of his ministry. We are not in the transformation, but in the destruction of the public service. We talked about the realities of the place. For us, there is no more attractiveness because of the consideration. With us, an engineer, with bac + 5, it starts at 1600 €! It does not make people excited to come. Then there is a loss of meaning that we have never known. So we lose skill. He was told that the communities that have the money and can give bonuses get the best territorial agents. The others, without belittling the agents, gather the rest. There is a double danger. »

Gilles Haurie also condemns democratic damage and the fact that unions are being muzzled. “The technical committees and the CHSCTs will merge. They will drown us so that we no longer meet the requirements of the staff. This is the ultimate goal. We also talked about ATSEM. We ask that their skills, which are only evolving, be They must at least be recognized in category B. For the facilitators, we talked about our concerns. We can no longer recruit. We end up with children to fill these positions that are not trained. Some do not even have Bafa. The situation will ultimately end up becoming very dangerous.We proposed the creation of a school of facilitators supervised by people from public education.We also talked about nurseries.The next health scandal after the nursing homes will be this.Professionals in this sector say they are addicts, it is no longer durable! »

Gilles Haurie also raised the issue of purchasing power. “The 3.5% increase for officials is 40 to 50 euros. When we go to the pump when we put 70 to 75 € a few months ago, we put more than 110 € today. The increase of 3.5% is poured into the tank! It’s out of the mark. »

Wilfried Zapparoli, for USD 65 CGT Santé Sociaux, intervened alternately. “We first mentioned the situation of the employees of Pommier in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, who have been fighting in the department for more than 40 days. We pointed out that this group has public money and that it was the role of the government to look at what “This money must go back to jobs and workers.”

Wilfried Zapparoli then discussed with the Minister’s adviser the offer of care in the ward. “We talked about the emergency. We mentioned the closure of the emergency room at the outpatient clinic in Tarbes and the closure at night of the emergency room in Bagnères-de-Bigorre. It is said that the emergency rooms will be open in the ward all summer. We are not so. we are concerned.We are concerned.We also talked about the neurovascular unit that treats stroke.We regret that this service has been closed at Tarbes hospital since July 1.Patients are referred to Pau or Toulouse.It is a loss of opportunities. It will also increase firefighters’ work without additional funds to transport these patients when they are already in suspense. “

Wilfried Zapparoli also returned to Ségur 1 and 2 with the adviser. “We talked about the forgotten. It is not normal. We said that despite Ségur there is still a loss of staff. We are no longer attractive. We can no longer retain staff. The index point needs to be raised for 5 years. It would be a strong sign.We also talked about the problems to be able to follow the training.We finally warned about the 4th dose.If it should become mandatory at the health institute level, many people say they would not. Lanne Hospital. It’s a previous project for us. He’s minimalist. It will never meet the needs. They say outpatient care is the future. You need enough blocks for that. There will be 5 fewer in this new structure! So we have questions here again. “

José Navarro, on behalf of CGT Finances Publiques 65, closed this press conference. ‘I consider the abominable method of these ministers, who go down to Emmanuel Macron’s department and who refuse to receive us. They send advisers to listen to the voice of the union. These advisors provide no answer. These advisors know nothing about the situation of our department. They have not studied anything! They’re coming, they do not even know what’s going on here. I mentioned the problems of public finances. I submitted a file to show how this local service was corrupted. We come to promote the France Services houses. But when we look at the rights activist’s report, it is said that there is no longer any proximity and human reception, and that everything is put on e-administration, thus creating areas of lawlessness. There was a local service with the public finances with the treasuries. We delete them. We have created a virtual public service with France Services, where there are no professionals but staff who come from local authorities and who try to inform the users. Our services are increasingly closed. This is where we are. It’s a disaster. We also mentioned the situation of the old-fashioned treasury in Arreau. It must be maintained until September 2023. It must remain as it is today, after this date. It must not be replaced by a France Services. On the issue of purchasing power, it has been said that the 3.5% increase was not enough to deal with inflation, especially in a department like Hautes-Pyrénées, where almost everyone has to take their car. »

For the next ministerial visit, CGT has already announced that the staff will be on site and contact the minister.

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