Cyril Lignac father: his companion gave birth, first name revealed

Cyril Lignac will probably no longer have to present. He is appreciated by viewers for his good humor and melodic accent, and he has been one of the star faces on the M6 ​​channel for several years. On a sentimental level, the prodigy, though discreet, has often had high-profile love affairs. But for more than 2 years now, it is in the arms of a handsome stranger who responds to Déborah’s first name that he spins the perfect romance. And last I heard, the dwarf parrots welcomed their first child together.

It’s a boy !

So this is some exciting news! The magazine Here announces in its columns that Cyril Lignac became a father for the very first time as a 44-year-old. The stork has therefore arrived at its destination with its precious package: a little boy named Leo. It goes without saying that this birth fills the kitchen ace with joy.

As a reminder, the beautiful brunette had already in January 2022, during her time on the set of the Canal Plus program “En aparté”, announced her desire to “start a family”. In an interview given to Télé Cable Sat Hebdo, Marie Portolano, the presenter of “Best Pastry Chef”, had also sold the wick on her friend’s paternity. Asked about the kind of father who would be the pastry chef (a father-cake), the one who is pregnant with his second child had declared that they have one thing in common: living a busy year 2022.

What do we know about his girlfriend?

With the birth of little Leo, Cyril Lignac opens a new chapter in her life: father. From now on, he will be juggling between diapers, bottles and his various professional projects.
For information, the forties are in charge of six restaurants, six cakes and a production box. On the M6, he also presents a new cooking show “The Academy of Cakes”, whose finale was broadcast on July 8, 2022, not forgetting the next season of “Best Confectioner”.

In short, Mercotte’s sidekick has a very busy schedule, but there is no doubt he will find time to pamper himself. But when duty calls, he can always count on his treasure to cuddle their little angel. So what do we know about the latter? If Cyril Lignac is a celebrity, this is not the case for the mother of his son, Déborah. Which probably suits the beautiful brunette who has previously only dated celebrities.

So according to the information, Déborah, who the star from the cooking shows had met in Saint-Tropez, works as the manager of a jewelry store. Very discreetly, it’s been 3 years since she kept an idyll away from the cameras with Cyril Lignac, who seems to be wildly in love with her. Thanks to the birth of their child, it is at 6 that they will now move on in life. Yes, Déborah is already the mother of three other children, born from a previous relationship.

Back to his old romances: love at first sight on the Croisette

Revealed to the general public in 2005 in the program “Oui, Chef!” “, Cyril Lignac has since swum in happiness on a professional level. On the heart side, long before he spins the perfect love with Déborah, and this, far from the paparazzi and the media tumult, had the native of Rodez idylls that drew the headlines in the press.

Among the women who have succumbed to his charm is especially Laurence Mentil, with whom he would have been in a relationship for 3 years. In an interview, she said that their “meeting is one of those that happens in the right place and at the right time”.

Also the forties went out with a certain Marine. And for several months, the dwarf parrots bragged to themselves in front of photographers and made media coverage. But his most talked about romance is still the one with the star of “La Boum”. Between the star from PAF and the glamorous icon in French film, the meeting took place in 2015 during the Cannes Film Festival. She, a regular, had come to climb the stairs while he had the mission to pay tribute to the prestigious guests.

When fate does things well, their eyes met and it was love at first sight. Together, they initiate a romance in the utmost discretion, but that is without reckoning with the paparazzi. The media enthusiasm for their couple prevailed and the two stars ended up parting ways in 2016. Now that their story is combined with the past, Cyril Lignac intends to take advantage of her fatherhood with Déborah. Will he one day put the ring on his finger? To be continued…

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