iconic actor comes up with shocking revelations about his childhood

“Plus Belle La Vie”, the flagship series from France 3 is very noisy at the moment. First, its break is scheduled for this fall. On the other hand, one of the actors was set aside for inappropriate behavior. Finally, an emblematic character came up with shocking revelations in his autobiography published in 2010. This is the topic we want to address in this article.

Laurent Kerusoré interprets “Thomas Marci” in “Plus Belle La Vie”. This is a central character, present since the very first episodes of the series. In 2010, the comedian published his autobiography entitled “Two Full Lives”. In this book, he evokes his childhood and comes up with terrible revelations.

“Plus Belle La Vie” is about to draw the curtain

That’s why in November, “Plus Belle La Vie” falls. After 15 years of broadcasts and thousands of episodes, the story that takes place in the heart of Marseille is coming to an end. This is very sad news for the many fans who never miss an episode. To comfort them, the production decided to bring together all the emblematic actors in the series. This very special episode aired on Tuesday, July 5th on France 3. Titled “Retrouvailles”, it delighted all fans of “Plus Belle La Vie”. Viewers actually had the pleasure of finding actors who no longer appear in the cast, such as Ambroise Michel and Dounia Coesens. One thing is for sure, this production surprise delighted all fans of the Marseille series.

It is not only the viewers who are having a hard time with this upcoming ending. For some players present since the launch, a major upheaval is underway. This is precisely the case with Laurent Kerusoré, who has embodied “Thomas Marci” for almost 20 years. He makes no secret of it, the actor is sad to see this adventure end in a few months. He even seems anxious at the thought of no longer being a part of this project in which he has invested so much.

Laurent Kerusoré came up with shocking revelations in his autobiography

It must be said that Laurent Kerusoré is very much attached to the character he incarnates. The similarities between the two men are very real. In fact, both have gone through difficult times. In his autobiography published in 2010, the emblematic actor in “Plus Belle La Vie” confided in particular about his origins. Adopted at the age of two, he tried to find his biological mother.

Unfortunately, his relentless research led him to reveal a truth he might have preferred never to know. And with good reason, Laurent learned that his real mother was a prostitute. “My mother made the sidewalk and other bad things. It was very hard for me. It took me a while to get along.” he confided before adding: “I came from a rape. My mother, a prostitute, was abused by her half-brother.” One can only imagine the shock that Laurent must have felt when he discovered the circumstances of his coming into the world.

The actor receives many fans secrets

Today, even though it was not easy to digest, Laurent Kerusoré knows the truth about his origins. And when he mentioned them in his autobiography, it means he was working on himself to get along with and talk about them. In addition, the actor enjoyed the support of his many fans. As soon as they heard about these revelations, they flooded the comedian with messages of support. Some even said they had experienced a similar story.

Faced with the courage shown by Laurent Kerusoré, his admirers did not hesitate to confide in him. “I get a lot of letters from children who were adopted just like me and who are looking for their biological parents. I want to warn them: not everything is good to know. Sometimes it is not so bad to invent a first life. » If these beliefs interfere, they also provide food for thought. In fact, the emblematic actor in “Plus Belle La Vie” is based on his own experience to provide valuable advice to people seeking to find out more about the circumstances of their birth.

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