No, the World Economic Forum does not want to replace children with virtual babies in the metaverse

Will children disappear from the face of the earth in the next fifty years? This is what many publications have been saying for several days on social networks.

This mass extermination would be cleverly orchestrated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) – known for its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland – and by its founder, the German economist Klaus Schwab, who would like to replace our dear little blonde – and brown-headed, and red-haired … .- of virtual children, raised in the metaverse. A bit like Tamagotchis, these little virtual animals from the 1990s. It would even be an integral part of “The Great Reset”, a WEF program designed to enslave peoples by connecting their minds to a cloud. .

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A diabolical and inevitable plan. But none of this is true. 20 minutes explains why.


At the beginning of this rumor, therefore, there is the idea of ​​an emergence of virtual children. It is mentioned by a British expert in artificial intelligence, Catriona Campbell, in an article in Daily mail in its edition of May 31, 2022. In his book AI by Design: A Plan For Living With Artificial Intelligence, released the same month, the British predicts that virtual children will become a common thing within the next fifty years, aided by the development of technology.

Artificial intelligence will then be powerful enough to allow these creatures to develop their own personality in the metaverse, and helmets, gloves, and suits will be able to simulate the tactile sensations needed to reproduce physical interactions with them. Exchanges, laughter, moments of happiness, everything will be there, according to her. She adds that this development will be driven by future global problems: overpopulation, global warming, lack of resources … There is no mention of the WEF.

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His predictions are repeated a month later on The Defender, a website that claims to provide information in defense of children. Antivax propaganda, infox about Covid-19, interviews with American conspiracy personalities … The media takes up all the elements of the conspiracy. And on June 27, it was a certain Joseph Mercola, an American medical osteopath, who in the same article mixed the words of the British expert “The Great Reset” and the World Economic Forum.

Screenshot of the article from the conspiratorial site The Defender.
Screenshot of the article from the conspiratorial site The Defender. – Screenshot

For Joseph Mercola, the reasons for this digitization of human life are an integral part of “The Great Reset”, a WEF program “which will not be complete until humanity is enslaved by the few non-elect who will rule the world through algorithms and AI “.

A worldwide conspiracy

There are many conspiratorial versions of this “secret” agenda: a global elite ambition led by Klaus Schwab to control our minds. The creation of Covid-19 to liberate the earth for the weakest populations. A global plan to adopt draconian measures …

In fact, as the Conspiracy Watch website explains, the program “The Great Reset” is no secret. Offered to anyone who comes to the WEF page, it is even the opposite of the theories that conspiracy theorists attach to it. This is a program developed in their book COVID-19: The big reset (2020) by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret, also former director of WEF. Based on the premise that major crises are the cause of profound changes in society, the current pandemic represents “a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, re-imagine, and reset our world.”

The two authors campaign for a “less divisive, less polluting, less destructive, more inclusive, more just and more just world than the one we lived in the pre-pandemic era”. It is not about control, loss of freedom or authoritarianism. Even fewer virtual babies, a topic the program never mentions.

A professional disinformation at the helm

This does not prevent supporters of the conspiracy from taking up Mercola’s dissertation by quoting Catriona Campbell’s work. And they are many. According to the latest report from the Center for the Countering of Digital Hate (CCDH), an Anglo-American non-profit organization that fights misinformation, the osteopathic doctor has 3.6 million followers across all social networks.

In this report published in May 2022, Joseph Mercola deserves the honor as he tops a list of 12 people responsible for sharing 65% of all anti-wax messages on Facebook and Twitter. He is described there as a “successful anti-vaccine entrepreneur who promotes dietary supplements and counterfeit drugs as alternatives to vaccines”. By hiring a dozen people to maintain his social networks, he is qualified in a New York Times study as a “pioneer in the anti-vaccine movement.” […] former master of the art of exploiting periods of uncertainty, such as the pandemic, to develop his movement ”by a researcher specializing in conspiracy theories.

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