The first NFT and Web 3 game console: Daydream or Wild Breath?

Caution is the mother of security What crypto player would not dream of being able to use theirs NFT favorite on his video games favorite? Community Polium, the creator of web 3 infrastructures for blockchain games, tests the adventure and announces that it is developing the console of the future: Polium One. Interoperability between blockchains, gains for holders, NFT, passive income, metaverse …: The console of the future overflows with promises. At first glance, everything seems perfect. This is without counting the proverb crypto ANIMALS, Do Your Own Research (do your own research), which reminds us of the importance of raising doubts about such an enticing project. Let’s decipher.

NFT games and web 3: a console that would have more than one dream

In early July, we were told that the company Polium presented its project Polium One console. This model is being advertised as revolutionary because it is compatible with NFT and customizable metavers on DeFi, such as Decentraland.

Listed as compatible with 8 blockchains (Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB Chain, ImmutableX, Harmony, EOS and WAX), the console would have its cryptocurrency own (its original token GAME), of one marketplace as well as its digital wallet.

On the technical side, there is little information. Apparently 4K or 8K Ultra HD 120fps resolutions are available to choose from. The controller promises to have several interesting features at first glance:

  • A wallet button to facilitate transactions (allowed thanks to the PLAY token);
  • A fingerprint scanner to optimize device security.

To get the console you need one Polium Pass NFT. 10,000 of these passports will be embossed (created) for the first steps of this console in the ecosystem. Mint price is unknown at this time. For the future, the company plans to sell 1 million 3.0 consoles and is therefore betting on availability to expand its audience to gaming.

“The console will be powerful enough to run high-performance games and will be easy to use for a traditional gamer who does not understand web 3.”

Polymer statement

Would Polium One be the console of the future or just another project riding the cryptocurrency?

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Polium One, the mirage of the Web 3.0 console

Fast, the reviews began to rain, however. The console was especially mocked for its equality exaggerated with Nintendo GameCube. In the gaming world, the reception has also been very mixed.

Moreover lack of professionalism of this new project stood out on his disagreement. Lack of moderation, questions from the community that the project is a scam: the ingredients seem to be in place so we can decide to investigate it.

First, we got to grips with this GameCube logo and look-alike stuff. On the social media that opened on July 2nd, we then found this tweet from July 4th.

Polium claims that it did not copy the Nintendo GameCube
Polium claims not to have copied Nintendo GameCube – Source: Twitter

“We did not copy Nintendo’s GameCube logo. Several companies use a similar logo. But we will design a new original logo.”

Poliums tweet

We know how much branding (and more specifically the logo) has a strategic significance in terms of marketing. As such, this story, at first glance without gravity, can still be interpreted as the first symptom of a flawed project.

In addition, RoadMap raises questions. Fuzzy and without a really precise date, it still draws the way for the project. A true backbone, it is traditionally crucial for investors and even more so in the case of an industrial project of this type. It must be remembered that in addition to the cryptoeconomic context and macro-economic delicatecharacterized by the syncopated increase of Iinflationdoes not, the creation and industrialization of a large-scale console represents a titanic task that requires years and billions of dollars. PlayStation 5, Sony’s latest gem, was thus conceptualized in 2015. The project therefore spent more than six years putting its console up for sale, in a limited way as we know. She also very quickly fell victim to her own success.

A white paper that makes you mop

Our dreaming then turned into a kind of nightmare. If we walked on the spot, we landed on the white paper. We’ve read it. Bad idea. From the beginning, the newspaper has – Should be – holy informs us:

“This white paper is intended for a reader with a non-technical background. We are currently preparing a white paper with more technical details, which will be published on our website soon.”

Well. It is. Let’s move on. The White Paper then briefly describes the website, recording most of the information … from the website. No concept is not developed concerning services offered on the cryptocurrency wallet. The PLAY token rewards associated with NFTs are briefly discussed and the term “effort” appears once in a bulleted list.

The market analysis of the millions of potential users is also a dream, but it does not cite a source. The figures and statistics for the future thus look like vulgar counter-predictions. The White Paper concludes with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) used on the Website.

By examining yourself a little, it therefore seems curious that one failed projectanyway for now – could have caused so much ink to flow. On paper, the console is definitely a dream. NFT, metaverse, web 3 and cryptocurrencies: Polium surfs on the ingredients that make the blockchain world attractive. On the other hand, the absence of a CEO behind the project or any other representative makes us doubtful. Honest approach or questionable project? Either way, this console is here to remind usthe importance of doing your own research to avoid the pitfalls of web 3.

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