The new social orphanage in Haute-Vienne inaugurated by young people on the move

The place is a real maze. Stairs, three floors, countless rooms in an old building kept by a religious congregation all in parquet and wood. And young people all smile, no doubt happy to show the place where they live and seek to find the right path.

On Wednesday, the Limousin Social Reintegration Association (ARSL) avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, a year after taking over the premises, inaugurated the new Pierre-Sauvage Social Orphanage (MECS).

“I find security there”

“This place offers fifteen young people between the ages of 14 and 18 who have broken up and been placed by the courts for abuse or educational and / or emotional deficiencies, a spatial and caring environment,” assures Muriel Clément, head of the education service. linked to MECS Pierre -Savage. We offer them a listening ear, and teachers work around their educational and professional project. The goal is to follow them towards adulthood. »

In the only MECS reserved for boys in the ward (the other three are mixed), young people placed either within the framework of child protection by the ward or on the basis of a criminal decision, come to find new benchmarks.

“I’m fine here, resolve Kylian, 15, who arrived three and a half months ago. It’s not like another family, but I find relatives there and a security that I did not have before. We necessarily have a separate teenage life. , but MECS allows you to feel like a full-fledged teenager. ”

I needed to have a lot of people around me to be able to better accompany me

While their parents still have custody, the fifteen boys with abused lives find a shoulder and precious support, like Haider, 15, at MECS for two years: “Here it’s easier than mine. Going to college, to activities, to help me in my efforts ”.

A view shared by Lancée, who arrived from Guinea a year ago. “Before, I was in a roommate’s apartment, but I couldn’t get out of it,” the 16-year-old says. I had to have a lot of people around me to support me better, although the rules can sometimes seem strict. Next year I am going to the Lycée Marcel-Pagnol for vocational training, everything is gradually returning to normal. »

For a better “autonomy”

The building rehabilitation operation, financed up to approx. 45% of the department (at a total cost of € 800,000), brings many benefits to young people.

“Before, MECS was located in Couzeix, too far from the center of Limoges. Now this improves their autonomy in terms of travel, says Judge Antoine Romera, president of ARSL. It is a good solution with projects that are built together according to their wishes and competencies. They may not have had the best conditions within their family unit. But we have to make them responsible. A successful case is already a success. »

Individual rooms, collective rooms, adapted rooms, access to transport, MECS Pierre-Sauvage is a first step on which they can rest.

Thibaut Dailler

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