Three cryptocurrency tokens to see this bear market in 2022


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July 9, 2022 6:44 PM PATH

New Delhi [India]July 9 (ANI / ATK): The bear market is in place and many cryptocurrency projects have fallen 80%. This is not unique to crypto, and other markets, such as stocks and bonds, are also noticing it. The bear market gives buyers the opportunity to choose projects at a reduced price.
In addition, traders can take advantage of these bear market conditions to properly assess their portfolio to determine what to drop. Many projects may never reach their previous price levels because they were not built on strong fundamental factors and were only driven by hype. On the other hand, there are good drafts that are traded at a discount for merchants who are willing to buy the dip.
Traders should always be on the lookout for hidden gems that may not be so obvious to the market, for that is where the best returns come from. The three cryptocurrency tokens to look at in this bear market are Kava (KAVA), Kadena (KDA) and RoboApe (RBA). To learn more about these projects, here is a brief description of the three tokens.
Kava (KAVA)
Kava (KAVA) is a high-speed layer-1 blockchain with interoperability of Cosmos and the developer ecosystem Ethereum. The project uses a developer-optimized co-chain architecture. The Kava network is capable of performing EVM smart contracts using Ethereum co-chain, while its lightning-fast consensus mechanism is powered by its Cosmos c0 chain and IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol). In addition, it uses a translation module to allow both co-strings to work without interfering with each other.
The Kava network successfully brings two different blockchains to work seamlessly as a single device. The KAVA token acts as the network’s utility and control token. In addition, holders can bet KAVA to earn up to 37% of all KAVA emissions as a reward for securing the network. Stakeholders also have voting rights that allow them to determine the future of the Kava platform.

Kadena (KDA)
Kadena (KDA) is a PoW (Proof of Work) blockchain that merges the Bitcoin (BTC) consensus mechanism with DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) principles. This allows Kadena to offer a scalable version of Bitcoin (BTC). The project claims to provide Bitcoin security with more improved throughput. It uses a multi-chain approach to drive mass adoption and accommodate as many blockchains as possible. With its industrial scalability, Kadena would support global financial systems and energy payments worldwide.

Currently, the project has expanded its network to 20 blockchains and hopes to increase this number over time. With the addition of Kadena Private Kuro Layer 2 blockchains, this throughput supports 8,000 transactions per second across its 500 network nodes. Kadena is ready to create enormous value for traders when the bear market mood disappears.
RoboApe (RBA)
RoboApe (RBA) is a community token project that aims to educate and inform new entrants to crypto. By using his RBA token, he would fund and host charitable games for various purposes, which would be supported by his DAO community. In addition, it would fund and invest in training for beginners through RoboApe Academy. In addition, it would organize and host charity events and games where the profits went to selected charities.

RoboApe will also create merchandise to create a sense of community. The RBA token will be the transaction token for this project and its holders will be able to trade, buy and sell the token. DEFI transactions will be driven by RoboApe finance, where users could take full advantage of the RoboApe token (RBA). Join the pre-sale today by visiting the official links below.
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