Weekly Crypto # 199 – This Week’s News on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Week 04/07 in short – News about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is constantly boiling. It can happen that crucial information is lost in the daily information flow and that important points are missed. This format is there to remedy it. We return tonews from the past weekCrypto Weekly to keep you informed about the current situation of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto news in short

Evidence of action is fast approaching on Ethereum. Actual merger (The merger) took place successfully on Sepolia testnet. From now on, Goerli test network will be the last must be merged before a rollout of PoS on Ethereum’s core network.

The Vasil fork enters the Cardano test net. After being pushed back, this was finally installed on the test network. This is intendedimprove performance and allow one better scripting efficiency for developers.

Cryptocurrency-crazy millennials. It showed a survey conducted by the company Alto 70% of young Americans have cryptocurrencies. In the age group 26-40 years, 40% of respondents said they had crypto.

T’choupi goes into NFTs. The award for the most WTF news of the week goes to Tchoupi, the children’s cartoon that revealed a The NFT series is celebrating its 40th anniversary of existence.

Nexo plans to buy Vauld’s service. The lender has thus entered into an agreement with the exchange platform and the CeFi service for a buyout. This would allow Vauld to get his head above water, having had no choice but to suspend payments in light of a lack of liquidity.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is abandoning its Novi wallet. As a reminder, the Novi crypto wallet project was led by Meta. The company urged users to withdraw their money before the service shuts down.

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6 measurements of the week

140,000It is number of BTCs that could soon be released at the close of the MtGox agreement. In fact, the company responsible for the file has posted a withdrawal form online that allows users to define their preferred withdrawal method between crypto- and fiduciary money.

$ 52 millionit’s about the amount of Bitcoin transfers to El Salvador since the beginning of the year. The Bitcoin diaspora actually started in El Salvador after the establishment of Bitcoin as the legal tender in the country.

22,000It is number of BTC just saved from liquidation of Celsius. As a result, the insolvent company finally succeeded in repaying its debt accrued under the MakerDAO Protocol in full. A Sword of Damocles smaller over the CeFi platform.

40 ørethese are transaction fees registered on Ethereum last week. Such a low point had not been reached since 2020, before the start of DeFi Summer.

For several weeks, on the sidelines of the significant drop in the price of ETH, transaction fees on Ethereum have returned to decent levels.

$ 9 billionit is that colossal amount to be raised by the investment fund Sequoia Capital. This has nothing to do with the crypto winter and achieves a record fundraising campaign despite a very uncertain market.

$ 8.7 millionit’s about exchange stolen from the Crema Finance protocol operating on the Solana blockchain. Finally, several days after the attack, the project teams reached an agreement with the hacker to return the equivalent of $ 7 million.

Tweet of the week

For this week’s tweet, we find @Yugui_crypto and his masterclass thread about the depreciation of the euro against the dollar and his many explanations of macroeconomic money management.

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