Heatwave: How to protect your children from the expected heatwave of the week of July 14th

When the mercury rises, the youngest are also particularly exposed to the dangers and heat stroke of the sun. The good reflexes to undergo, while a wave of very strong heat must rage in France in the week of July 14th.

A heat wave is forecast in France from 13 or 14 July to 17 July with temperatures approaching or even exceeding 40 ° C. Remember to protect your children.

Shade, sun protection and hat

This is a valid rule for all of us, it is even more true for children during peak periods: do not expose them to the sun between 6 p.m. 12:00 and 16:00. Prolonged exposure to the sun or an overheated atmosphere multiplies the risk of sunstroke or heat stroke.

When they are outside, protect them from the heat by making sure they are wearing a t-shirt and even though they sometimes refuse to wear them for more than a few minutes: the hat and sunglasses are required! Even without swimming, spread them with sunscreen (index 50) every two hours (face, legs, neck, arms in case of short sleeves).

If you have a baby under 1 year, avoid exposing him to the sun. If you take him for a ride in a stroller, do not put any linen on the stroller to create shade, it has the opposite effect: the temperature inside will rise and create an “oven” effect because the air will not pass more in. sufficient quantity. An umbrella or stroller hood is enough.

To cool your home and allow your children to play indoors in comfortable conditions, close the shutters on windows exposed to the sun. As long as the outdoor temperature is higher than that recorded in your home, you should also keep all windows closed. Open them late in the evening, at night or early in the morning.

Do not forget to drink

Your children will rarely ask for water alone, even when the heat is on. Offer them once an hour, with a glass, a water bottle or a bottle, because there is a risk that they will become dehydrated if they lose more fluid by sweating or urinating than they ingest.

To encourage them to drink, vary the pleasures to their liking: flavored water, fruit syrup … An ice cube or two and a straw can amuse them and make them drink a few more sips. And keep drinks cool, it’s more fun when it’s hot. For snacks, water-filled fruits help keep them hydrated: watermelon, melon, strawberry, raspberry … Not to mention ice cream!

Swimming: Keep your eyes open

Inflatable swimming pool, private or communal, beach, lake … The high temperatures make you want to cool off in the water more than ever, so much the more reason to respect these safety rules for safe swimming.

Even in the case of supervised swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool, nothing beats your alertness: swim with them, or do not take your eyes off them, even for a minute.

At the water’s edge, as in the garden, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses are part of the swimmer’s non-negotiable equipment! Bring an umbrella so they can be in the shade between two beach games.

During heat waves, frequent baths, at a temperature one or two degrees lower than body temperature, will also refresh them at home.

vigilance in car

When traveling, choose loose clothing, cotton or linen, light in color so that they are comfortable. If you have one, add a terrycloth cover over the car seat to absorb sweat.

Bring water to get them to drink regularly as well as a nebulizer to refresh them.

Even for a 5-minute run, never leave your kids alone in the car when it’s hot. As road safety reminds us, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise above 45 ° C, even with a fairly cool outside temperature (15 ° C-20 ° C). This increase can be 10 ° C in just 10 minutes!

Beware of heat stroke

Despite all your precautions, take action if you notice one or more of the following symptoms: high fever, dry mouth, rapid pulse, abnormal drowsiness, hyperexcitability, sunken eyes and dilated pupils, nausea and vomiting … Place your child in the shade , undress and freshen him up, give him a drink and wet his skin. Call 15 (or 112) if these symptoms persist or if you are in the slightest doubt.

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