Married at first sight: Jennifer comes up with a revelation no one knew

The sixth season of the show “Married at First Sight,” which aired on M6, ended Monday, June 27th. If the 2022 edition of the show allowed seven couples to reunite, only two of them stayed together after the show. Among the other five are the couple who formed Jennifer and Eddy. They announced in the last paragraph that they have decided to divorce. In an interview with TV Magazine, Jennifer had the opportunity to tell about her relationship with Eddy. It was in this interview that she told about her plan to stay away from television.

A single person who takes responsibility

During this interview, Jennifer Larivière talked about her divorce from Eddy. The young woman said she had great respect for her ex-husband. Their relationship had not developed. Jennifer did not want to hurt Eddy, so she decided to divorce him.

Jennifer and Eddy retained their friendship after the divorce. After their experience on the show, Eddy found love with someone else. Jennifer, meanwhile, is single. According to what she trusted to TV Magazine, she saw it very well. The little woman had indicated that she was happy for her son, her family, her friends and her work.

“I’m fine,” she assured in the columns of TV Magazine.

As for her future, the young woman is quite sure of what she wants. Jennifer revealed that she has big plans to expand her hair salons. As for the rumor about her during the broadcast of the show, Jennifer defended herself.

Jennifer clears up unfounded rumors

Internet users criticized the young woman and accused her of coming to the show “Married at First Sight” just out of interest. The rumor came around and Jennifer decided to talk about it when she was interviewed.

“Contrary to what may be said, I did not do this show to promote my activity,” she confided.

She then claimed that her clients are responsible for promoting her hair salon. Jennifer then added that it is the quality of her work that attracts people. That she’s on television has nothing to do with her business. She then revealed that she has no intention of returning to reality TV at all.

An adventure full of lessons

Jennifer has made it clear that she does not want to return to the small screen. When asked how she was feeling, Jennifer replied that she was feeling better. The mother did not know if things would have been different if it was another man who was compatible with her in “Married at First Sight”. This does not stop him from feeling that his experience on the show made him “grow up”.

In the same interview, she had already confessed that after a month and a half of their divorce, she and Eddy started contacting each other again. They decided to give their relationship a second chance away from the limelight. They rubbed shoulders and talked to each other every day before realizing that it was never going to work out between them. The young woman confided in herself that she had not clicked when she met Eddy.

“I would think it would come and be triggered by getting to know each other,” she confided, adding that her feelings and her feelings have not changed.

As for Eddy, he has already moved on. On his Instagram account, he had posted a message that he felt fulfilled, happy and at peace with himself. It was only after the release of the final episode of Gift at First Sight season 6 that he officially announced that he was in a relationship again. As for his relationship with Jennifer, he was clear during his interview with TV entertainment.

“If it was going to match between us, it would have matched before,” he said.

He then said that the blockages would have disappeared if he had really been the right one. The latter would not have regretted his experience in the program “Married at First Sight”.

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