Married couple buy old house and hear the children talking in the basement at night

A married couple, Sandra and Michael, moved into an old house. One night they heard children’s voices coming from the basement. They then decided to check whether they imagined these voices or not, and were surprised by their discovery.

Sandra and Michael had been married for six years but were unable to conceive. Although they both wanted to become parents, their doctor told them it was impossible since they were both infertile.

At one point, Sandra blamed herself for not being able to have children. She even gets paranoid and thinks that Michael would leave her to find a woman who could give her children.

However, Michael constantly reassured his wife about his loyalty and spent a lot of time with her. They even vacationed together when work allowed.

Sandra and Michael spent a lot of time together because they had no children. | Source: Pexel

When Michael was able to save enough money to buy a country house with Sandra, he bought an old house with a large garden where they could enjoy the fresh air away from the polluted city and do whatever they wanted with their garden.

But during their first week in the new home, Sandra suddenly woke up in the middle of the night after thinking she heard voices.

“Did you hear that, Michael?” she asked.

“Heard what, honey?” replied Michael. Sandra became quiet and told him she heard children’s voices coming from the basement.

“It’s 10pm, maybe you’re dreaming. Go back to sleep, honey,” he said, hugging his wife as they both fell asleep again.

Sandra woke up in the middle of the night after hearing the sound of children’s voices. | Source: Pexel

The next morning, while Michael was at work, Sandra decided to check out the basement, but when she tried to open the door, it was locked.

That night she heard the same voices again. “Michael, I still hear children’s voices coming from the basement. I have a bad feeling and it scares me,” she said, waking her husband.

This time, Michael tried to listen carefully. However, he heard nothing and decided to go back to sleep. Sandra began to think she was going crazy. “I do not invent all this anyway!” she thought.

Sandra checked the basement and saw that it was locked. | Source: Pexel

The following day, however, Michael admitted over breakfast that he had also heard the voices as he got ready in their room. “I finally heard the sounds, honey. You did not imagine them,” he told her.

“I tried to go down to the basement yesterday, but the door was locked. Do you have the keys?” Sandra asked, wanting to find out what was really going on.

However, they quickly realized that none of them had a copy of the basement key. The only person who probably had one was actually Morris, the older man who was the janitor of the house.

Michael and Sandra went to janitor. | Source: Pexel

Michael and Sandra therefore decided to visit Morris. He lived in a small barn nearby and was the trusted guardian of all the mansions and farms nearby.

When they arrived at the barn, Morris was nowhere to be found. But as they were about to leave, Michael noticed a bundle of keys on a table outside the barn. One of them was branded “Oakwood basement” and he knew right away that it belonged to their house.

“We live on Oakwood Street. I’m sure that’s the key to our house. Come on, let’s go home and try,” Michael Sandra said, and they went straight into the basement when they got home.

Michael and Sandra went into the basement and saw two children. | Source: Pexel

It was truly the right key, and when Sandra and Michael opened the basement door, they were surprised to find a makeshift dollhouse and a wooden horse swing. “It’s like a playroom for kids,” Sandra remarked. What makes her even more curious, though, are the sounds she wants to hear.

That night, Sandra and Michael did not sleep until they heard the voices again. They hurried down to the basement and saw two children, a girl and a boy, playing with the toys. They appeared to be between seven and nine years old.

The children were startled by the sight of Sandra and Michael and immediately ran to a back entrance that Sandra and Michael did not know existed. They ran after the children and realized they were heading for Morris’ barn.

The two children ran away when they saw Michael and Sandra. | Source: Pexel

“Are these Morris’ children?” asked Sandra Michael as they approached Morris’ house, who was surprised to see them. “Mr. and Mrs. Adams, what a surprise!” he said.

“I’m sorry to break into your house, Morris,” Michael apologized. “It’s just that my wife and I heard children’s voices coming from our basement, and today we found two children there. We ran after them and they came here,” he explained.

Morris smiled and nodded. “Excuse me, did they bother you?” he asked.

“Do you know these children, Morris? Are they your grandchildren?” asked Sandra.

Morris explained Eva and Ethan’s situation. | Source: Pexel

Morris shook his head and invited Sandra and Michael into his barn. He poured them a cup of tea when it was cold outside, and then he began to tell the children’s story.

“You see, the two kids over there, their names are Eva and Ethan. They were abandoned by their mother a while ago, and I brought them here. The social services came, but the kids refused to leave. With them. They ran. away and hid in Oakwood’s basement until the social services left, “Morris explained.

“Oakwood’s basement has been their safe room for months. I do not think they were aware that you lived there. I’m sorry, I was not aware that they were still going there to play.”, Apologized he.

“There’s absolutely no reason to apologize, Morris. They seem like sweet, well-behaved children,” Sandra smiled, looking at the two children hiding behind the door. “They can keep playing in the basement. They don’t have to go there at night – just let them come in the morning or afternoon as it’s safer for them.”

Sandra and Michael welcomed the kids and Morris into their home. | Source: Pexel

Since then, Sandra welcomed the children into their home through the front door. They did not have to hide anymore and she cooked for them while they played.

Very quickly, Sandra became attached to the children and considered them the children she never had. In return, Eva and Ethan also began to like Sandra and Michael, and they stayed at the Oakwood property all day until Morris picked them up in the evening.

Eventually, Sandra and Michael realized that Eve and Ethan could be their gift from God. They asked Morris if it was possible for them to adopt the children.

Sandra and Michael went through the adoption process to adopt Eva and Ethan. | Source: Pexel

When Eva and Ethan heard about Sandra and Michael’s project, they were overjoyed, even though they were a little sad that they were no longer in Morris’ care.

Sandra and Michael took care of all the necessary paperwork for the adoption of the children. And on Eva and Ethan’s first night with them, the couple surprised them with the news that Morris would be staying with them too.

“Our family is complete,” Eva told them during their festive dinner, holding her brother’s hand. Morris could not help but smile, for not only did Eva and Ethan find a family to take care of them, but Morris also found a family for him.

What can we learn from this story?

  • It’s never too late to build the life you want. Sandra and Michael have agreed that they will not have children until they meet Eva and Ethan. They realized that God had given them the opportunity to become parents, and they took that chance and started a new life with their family.
  • Children and the elderly deserve attention and care. Morris wanted to make sure that Eva and Ethan would be placed with responsible and loving adoptive parents if anything happened to him. Eventually, he was surprised to discover that not only did Eva and Ethan find loving parents, but that Morris also found a family for himself.

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