Nathalie (Love is in the meadow) makes a great revelation, this new couple …

Do you remember Natalie? This farmer was revealed in the edition of “Love is in the meadow”, broadcast in 2021 on the M6. Presented by Karine Le Marchand, this program helps single farmers find love. Each candidate receives one or two suitors in his home for a few days. The purpose of this stay for three: to get to know each other and try to get closer to the person who could prove to be compatible.

Nathalie: an emblematic farmer from “Love is in the meadow”

Since her appearance in season 16 of “Love is in the Meadow,” Nathalie has not changed anything in her activities. She still breeds calves in the Loire-Atlantique. However, she does not work alone. His three children: Woolfran, Loyd and Samantha are a great help to him.

Thanks to “Love is in the meadow”, Nathalie is enjoying a whole new popularity. On her Instagram network, she has many subscribers. During her participation in the show, she did not go unnoticed. Today, those who follow her since her appearance on the small screen are happy to share Nathalie’s daily life. The farmer is actually very active on her story. She has a number of posts and shares many events with her community.

A new addition to the family!

Recently, Nathalie announced some great news on her Instagram story. Specifically, the former “Love is in the Meadow” contestant in season 16 introduced a new member of his family. The happy news was announced on Wednesday, July 6th. Its approximately 25,000 subscribers have discovered two very surprising images. On the first we can see a young woman sitting on a cow. On the other, this same young blonde woman shows up with an adorable calf. The question that all the farmer’s Instagram followers asked themselves is: Who is this beautiful young woman in the pictures?

They did not have to wait long to find out the answer. All they had to do was read the caption that their favorite farmer had posted. “Congratulations to Constance for her BTS after two years of working on our farm, where she completely discovered agriculture … In addition, she has become my daughter-in-law” we could read. Two great stories in one for this farmer who not long ago mourned the disappearance of his dog who died of cancer.

Internet users quickly flooded Nathalie’s network with comments congratulating the beautiful Constance on her diploma. But they were not sure they understood the second part of the message. Did he mean that Nathalie is in a relationship with the young woman’s father? Well no, Constance has become his daughter-in-law because she is living a love affair with one of the sons of the former candidate for “Love is in the Meadow”. And the young man is Loyd! Lovebirds formalized their relationship a year ago, very precisely on July 5, 2021. For these two young people, there is no need for Karine Le Marchand’s intervention. Fate has already smiled at them!

The farmer has not always agreed

So Nathalie has something to look forward to these days. Supported by her three children on her farm, she has the pleasure of working with her daughter-in-law, who makes her son Loyd the happiest of men. Its subscribers are happy to see that the farmer has every reason to smile. After “Love is in the Meadow” it was actually not easy for her. A stream of insults swept through her network as viewers found she was unbearable.

However, Nathalie has tried to defend herself by saying that the fitters had not helped her. “The montages gave me the image of an ugly, aggressive, hurtful, hysterical, unwelcome woman, in short a real c … And that gives reason to men who beat their wives by telling them that c is their fault” she was sad. But today it’s old history. The farmer enjoys the life she has always wanted to live. And her thousands of subscribers are happy for her and her beautiful little family!

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