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It is difficult to say what the real direction is. Marvel Cinematic Universe with her Phase 4 which goes in all directions by multiplying the grades, dealing with the consequences ofPlayoffs and after opening its locks multiverseespecially in the ever newer ones Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness with some potentially very interesting leads. Do not expect to have more answers on this page by going to see Thor: Love and Thunderwhich makes its merry way in its cosmic bubble and asgardian. Before getting to the heart of the matter, of course without spoilerif you are not a particular client of Taika Waititis humor and were hoping for a little more serious work, then avoid getting knots in your brain and move on because Thor: Love and Thunder is a dramatic comedy in the series of Ragnarok. As far as we are concerned, we appreciated these 4 much moree section, especially because of its themes.

In any case, the instructor enjoys having fun with Thor.

Initially, we have the right to an effective implementation of the antagonist of this film, which in a few minutes allows to know his motivations. He is bald, has a pale complexion and will soon want to exterminate all the deities of the universe … no, it is not Kratosbut Gorr, the god-killer. Although his appearance is not quite comically accurate, this Voldermort space camped by an almost unrecognizable Christian Bale made a strong impression on us. Already now his personal quest makes sense and opens the debate about the role of the gods in mcu. In addition, the actor bursts the screen by being both chill and funny in his own way. It is a shame that his nickname has not been performed so well, for the “butcher”‘s violent acts take place outside the camera, just mentioned before he ends up attacking Thor. Another detail which has something to keep us on guard against, its purpose goes through the introduction in good and proper form ofa true deus ex machina that we ultimately do not know much about. Definitely to see this kind of element of lore comics brought to the screen are nice, but it would have deserved a more thorough explanation and probably a use in the context of a more “serious” problem.

Often, Taika Waititi uses Basket that tells to summarize in an instant what happened in a character’s life, a process that is all the more justified as the director embodies Chronic on screen. Precisely this page meta amplified by the fact that he tells it by the fireplace to a group of children, as seen in one of the trailers, and thus the whole story of the film. So who can say whether everything we see is truthful (intradiegetic of course) or embellished to make it all more exciting for its audience? What is certain is that this adventure companion of Thor is there primarily for humor and not much else.

Thor Love and Thunder Critical Review 02 10 07 2022The god of thunder is therefore reintroduced next door Guardians of the Galaxywhose presence is more of a cameo than anything elsesimply to make a presence action at the beginning of the feature film by ensuring the transition between the end ofPlayoffs and this new adventure, visibly very pleased to finally get rid of this passenger who steals the show while flying over the danger on the battlefield, that’s how we felt at least. In any case, the director takes vicious pleasure in having fun with Thor by offering great action scenes badass (or stripping him naked) and character development by Chris Hemsworth gives us a burlesque version as he became more serious in Ragnarok, before sinking into depression. regression? Not really, because this humor serves to hide his trauma while searching for a new reason to live. Its status at the end of the film also opens up interesting perspectives, and we really liked its symbolic significance.the result acts as a good counterpoint that we did not see coming.

With such a title, Thor: Love and Thunderra openly as the central theme of lovewhich is treated differently, with primarily the relationship between son ofOdin and Jane Foster. Natalie Portman makes her comeback by no longer being content with being the scientific girlfriend on guard and gaining a whole new dimension, and muscles, by embodying The Mighty Thor and handling Mjollnir. If you have read the comics, the way she is reintroduced in the plot will not surprise you, although a certain frivolity is to not weigh down the atmosphere too much, with in passing a well-founded parallel that arises between her and Gorr. Its treatment is complete several iconic scenes in costume, where she manages the situation excellently without forcing on the “girl power” side, and a budding friendship with Valkyrie, still embodied by Tessa Thompson, and offers a good dynamic. The king of the city Ny Asgardwhich has become a veritable tourist trap, is also entitled to rare moments of brilliance on screen, although its role is more withdrawn in relation to. Ragnarok.

Thor: Love and Thunder turns out to be really good entertainment for young and old.

Thor Love and Thunder critical review 03 10 07 2022Without saying too much, love is a theme that also pertains to the main characters’ weapons, Mjollnir and stormbreakerwith totally burlesque and absurd scenes, even serves as a justification for the direction the plot is taking. It will not necessarily please, but along with certain camera images, it provides very fun situations. We can say the same about the two goats (or goats?) Tangrisnir and Tanngnjostrwho actually deserved their poster and made the audience laugh.

In terms of rhythmthe display of Thor: Love and Thunder goes at breakneck speed without giving us time to get bored with its duration of 1h59. The concern is that the sequence is sometimes a little incoherent or too fast, with scenes that we feel the cuts with the assembly and a certain lack of explanation. For once, that part Almighty City (what we mistakenly thought wasOlympus) is probably a little too long in relation to its real significance, but it was necessary to highlight Zeus by Russell Crowe. The magnificent and luxurious decorations in this environment taken from the comics are also in perfect contrast to the passage almost exclusively in black and white on a kind of desert moon, which is an honestly well-founded and coherent idea of ​​staging.

Thor Love and Thunder critical review 04 10 07 2022The film is overall very beautiful and colorfulwith a few exceptions such as the visual effects of the helmet off Thor, but not always super-readable in his action scenes. Some are blurred due to the speed of execution (or maybe it’s our short-sightedness …), and others are not really helped by the umbrella creatures born from Necroblade of Gorr. Finally, on the soundtrack page, the atmosphere is obviously great metal and rock’n roll from the 80’s with particular use of several hits from the group Favor a Rosesa very wise choice.

Thor: Love and Thunder turns out to be a really good entertainment for young and old, tackling some serious themes through the prism of good-natured humor, features a compelling villain and a surprising finale. If you are looking for a comedy without trouble, you should therefore find what you are looking for, even if the film would have benefited from a longer cut to better control its pace. Finally, and not surprisingly, Thor is coming back well mcu in the futuretwo numbers available to us in as many post-generic scenes, the first in the middle of the credits again introduces a character whose treatment we can not wait to discover.

Note : 3.5 out of 5 stars

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