Steve and Noi confirm their split


It is over. Married at First sight season 14 stars Steve Moy and Noi Phomasak officially announced their departure and confirmed their split in separate statements.

“Divorce feels good,” Phommasak, 33, wrote in a bikini photo via Instagram on Saturday, July 9th.

She went on to share glimpses of her beach vacation via Instagram Story with lots of breakup songs. “Take back your story (even when your voice is shaking),” she wrote next to herself as she posed on a paddle board as she Kanye West“Hurricane” played.

Another clip contained the sad country ballad “Love Song” by Maren Morrisbut MAFS alum ended on an optimistic note with Camille hair“Bam Bam” (med Ed Sheeran). “Love came and it knocked me down / But I’m on my feet again,” Cabello sings.

Moy, 39, for his part, wrote a very long statement via Instagram on Saturday. “I did not expect this announcement to happen today, but I am ready for it,” he explained. “When I said yes on decision day, I knew our relationship was far from perfect, but I believed that with enough time, effort, and understanding, we could overcome the challenges we faced and build a healthy and functional relationship. . ”

The software developer continued: “Over time, I have lost hope that this could ever happen, and I think we are incompatible in ways that attempts at compromise do not seem to solve or overcome. I am convinced that our relationship is not viable in its current form and after many attempts I do not think we can bring it to the point where it works at a healthy enough level when our two needs are to be met.

He added a longing message to his ex-partner, whom he married right after he first met her at the altar.

“No, I will always love you. I wish we were better suited,” he wrote. “I wish we could meet each other’s needs without feeling we had to compromise on a point beyond what we consider acceptable.I hope our willingness to be flexible with each other matches the chemistry we have been blessed with.I hope Sushi stays healthy as long as possible so you can enjoy your time with him and he can be there for you throughout this next chapter.I hope you find the support you need from people around you and the resources you have available.I hope we can stay cordial and that we can stay in touch at some point because I love having you in my life when things are going well.

Moy admitted he has been known to “find it hard to let go of relationships”, but he knows divorce is the right choice. “There are too many things that I unfortunately cannot ignore and continue this relationship with confidence,” he explained.

The Boston native is trying to keep his head high and keep their problems private. “Of course I have negative feelings about all of this, but I try to deal with them in my spare time and with people I can trust while trying not to let them bleed out in public,” he wrote. “I gave so much of myself to this wedding, to the process and to this experience as a whole. I do not regret anything I have given, but it is time that we start doing what is best for ourselves.

His ex-wife, however, disputed his statement. In a later-deleted comment, captured by Monsters and Critics, Phommasak said she asked her husband to stay with her, but he was already dating other people.

“You filed for divorce … I REMOVED you from staying, and you said – you owe me nothing,” the Laos native reportedly commented via Instagram on Saturday. She revealed that her dog was dying after cancer treatments stopped working. “In that time, you knew I was vulnerable, and my heart was broken outside of it, and that’s where you said we should divorce. You’re not broken, so stop behaving like that for everyone else. You made this choice before you involved me in the final decision and you said I did not have the right to talk about it even though you said you already saw other people.Just be honest about your truths then we can both move on peacefully.

The breakup comes three weeks after the Massachusetts native via Instagram in June realized the hard – and sweet – parts of their relationship.

“It should come as no surprise at this point that we are trying to work our way through the challenges we face in our private relationships, while we have recently been publicly available on social media, with lots of people involved and wanting details, “he wrote. along with photos of “the best times” he shared with alum from the University of Minnesota, like sharing road trips and vacations together. “We have chosen not to share certain things while working and figuring things out, recognizing that some people are expected to want to know more.”

Moy talked about the specific work he does on himself. “How we as humans and I as an individual present to others is very important to me,” he explained. “My biggest challenge lately is figuring out how to present myself while remaining authentic and true to myself and my feelings.”

He was also honest about the timeline of their romance, explaining that the show “was only a fraction” of their time together. “It is safe to say that a lot has happened since then,” he added, concluding, “at best, our relationship has been truly special and full of love. Although we face our own challenges, one thing is for sure, our chemistry can not be denied.I would like to share some of the good times.

Before their split, the reality TV stars were one of the few couples in the Lifetime series who stayed together after their season ended. At the season 14 reunion in May, the former couple revealed that they were still together after the finale – but Phommasak explained that he was still close to taking her husband’s last name.

“I have not decided whether I will take Steve’s last name or not,” she said at the time. “I still represent Team Moy, it’s just not official yet.”

Viewers watched the former couple’s rocky relationship unfold in front of the cameras during the 2022 season, with Moy and Phommasak dealing with various issues – including her reluctance to move in with him and her unemployment.

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