Toulouse: from the Mirail deal to the murder of a comrade, the scary itinerary of a teenage killer

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La Dépêche du Midi recounts the tragic journey of a 15-year-old teenager from Toulouse who is charged with the murder of his former best friend. Growing up in a climate of ultra-violence, A. never stopped sinking into crime to the point where he committed irreparable harm.

A. will be 16 in the fall. This boy from the towns of Toulouse is imprisoned in the youth district of Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone remand prison near Montpellier. On May 22, accompanied by an accomplice, barely older than him, he allegedly killed 18-year-old Lucas with a knife in the chest in the wake of romantic rivalry. Before they were distorted, these two boys had met at CDEF 31 (Department of Childhood and Family), where they had established an almost merged friendship.


teaches this structure so the duo evolve: “They quickly became very close. They did the 400 beats together sometimes for the worst. One night Lucas arrived at the villa in tears. had been kidnapped by villains. We had immediately called the police station “Actually, it was a scam that A. had invented everything, but this episode showed how much Lucas liked him.”

“He is a child with his weaknesses, sensitive but also talkative”

Only 15 years old, A. had already turned to crime. He served as “chouf” (lookout) at Izards and Mirail. “The money flowed. He wore a pair of sneakers for three hundred euros. It went to his head, preserved his sense of omnipotence. But he is also a child who has weaknesses, sensitive but also voluptuous, able to express his discomfort. “, says the educator.

A. had a disastrous childhood. His father, an ugly character with a complicated past, regularly beat him in hopes of keeping him on the right track. A. harbored a fierce hatred for his father. This resulted in a refusal of any kind of authority. In his follow-up sheet, his educators note that “A. is a young man in pain who has been subjected to violence and humiliation in his childhood.” His psychologist writes in the same report that “As’ bond with his father remains dangerous and destructive.”

The fable about the file S

Seduced both by organized crime magnified in movies and series, and the terror generated by radical Islam, A. invents a character himself. He tells his friends that he has his will with local bosses and that he is on S. For Fred, it was a way for him to impose himself and scare: “When he committed an offense, he could shout Allah Akbar. He advised his friends to do the same, just to impress the adults, but behind it there was no ideology. “

A. already has an adult physique, slim but athletic. At CDEF, he trains regularly with Lucas in MMA, a discipline that combines various martial arts and martial arts such as boxing. Out of school since December 2021 – he would have hit a college tutor – he is regularly exposed to bloodshed.

“As soon as he felt an emotional charge that was too strong, he tended to attack others. On the way back to CDEF, he happened to hit people on the street for free just to get his nerves going. One day he came back with “His hands were bleeding. He claimed to have assaulted an adult. He was worried. He looked at social networks and news sites to see if we were talking about a fight that had gone wrong,” Fred assures.

Assault on a night watchman

The management of CDEF is concerned about its impact on the other children. In his dossier we can read that he “trains young people in the neighborhood to act”. He regularly runs away from the establishment and has on several occasions been placed in police custody in connection with drug cases. In the eyes of justice, he remains a small trader placed under judicial supervision in drug trafficking cases. He is not yet known for acts of violence, as he and four comrades beat a CDEF night watchman.

It was May 11th. It required police intervention to restore calm. The teenager, who was about to commit the irreparable, had been “filtered out” from the reception and housed in an isolated apartment. The assaulted officer had first filed a complaint on May 18, four days before A. did not kill Lucas.

A. was it monitored and hosted in the right structure?

A. was cared for for an extended period at CDEF 31 before being accommodated in a semi-autonomous apartment after attacking a guard.
A. was cared for for an extended period at CDEF 31 before being accommodated in a semi-autonomous apartment after attacking a guard.


The shock wave is terrible and still shakes CDEF 31 (Department of Children and Families). After the murder of Lucas, the management activated a crisis unit and gave the employees psychological support. Driven by the desire to protect its young residents, the management of the establishment refuses to comment on the tragedy, but its staff speak. They accuse their leaders of showing too much laxity towards A. and four other teenagers who had beaten a night watchman 11 days before the killing. Those who had worked directly with A. were hardly surprised by this fatal outcome.


had to deal with A’s anger for many months. For him, “unfortunately, Lucas’ death is the end of an announced tragedy.” The educator points out the discrepancy between A’s profile and his position in CDEF: “There are several reasons for his proposal. One must take into account his personality, his family and friendly environment, but he is obvious that the effectiveness of the follow-up was not optimal. CDEF is in the first instance an emergency structure.We restore children in a thousand pieces.Our task is to help them get up before they rebuild somewhere.Normally they only have to stay a maximum of three months.However, he had been with us for more than a year … In fact, those homes that specialize in accepting this type of profile refused to take responsibility for him. “

Chantal Girard, Director of the CDEF, says nothing else: “Our establishment is properly staffed, although we regularly have to deal with recruitment problems. The real difficulty is orientation. In 2021, 22% of stays lasted more than three months. Currently, about twenty minors have been offered welcome to the CDEF for more than a year.This situation confronts the CDEF with a paradoxical injunction: to be as reactive as possible in the emergency department and at the same time accompany the minors over long periods.

The names have been changed

Georges Méric, President of the Chamber, appears

On July 5, Georges Méric, President of the Haute-Garonne Departmental Council, sent a letter to Charlotte Caubel, the Secretary of State for Childhood, condemning it.

A. was not known for acts of violence “, confirms prosecutor Antoine Leroy

Antoine Leroy, Deputy Prosecutor, Head of the Child Protection Unit in Toulouse.

Antoine Leroy, Deputy Prosecutor, Head of the Child Protection Unit in Toulouse.

Despite his young age, A. had already been in charge of the courts for some time. “Before he was imprisoned, he was subjected to six proceedings and convicted three times,” reports Antoine Leroy, deputy prosecutor, head of the child protection unit. A. was best known for having been involved in drug smuggling, he had indeed been concerned about gun possession, but the case was closed without further action. He had also committed an act of rebellion against a policeman, but nothing so bad. “For a teenager who commits thefts, there is no placement problem. There are probably adapted reception structures. Same thing, For a hyperviolent child we always find a place in a CEF (Closed Education Center) even as he leaves the ward.It is more complicated with profiles like A. that are between the low spectrum and the very high spectrum of crime.In these cases placements are less simple to implement.If we had a few more places in the CEF, we would use them, it is obvious, “says the representative of the prosecution. On April 8, 2022, after committing several drug-related offenses, the loop tightens around the kid from the living quarters. He was brought before the public prosecutor and put under. judicial review while remaining at CDEF 31, where he had resided for several months. At this stage, for the judges, his danger does not require placement in the CEF. “He was not known f or having committed acts of violence. Going to the detention stage was premature, “said Antoine Leroy. The judge assures that a placement in the CEF would probably not have prevented the murder of Lucas.” Be careful, these structures are not prisons. There is runaway every day. That would not have prevented the facts from being committed. ”

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