What related items should you give your children and how do you choose them?

ONE Child-related object is a physical object that has been expanded with sensors and can connect to the Internet.

The market for connected objects is expected to reach $ 1.9 billion by 2022.

A wearable can be anything, whether it’s a portable device, like a smartwatch, or a device, like a washing machine, that can connect to the Internet via Bluetooth or WiFi. fi.

A wearable is an item that you carry on your body, such as a watch or headset.

Portable technology includes all the devices that people currently use to monitor physical activity (fitness tracker), monitor sleep and heart rate (sleep monitor), and keep track of personal health data.

Portable technology is often referred to as “wearable” or “wearable market”, but some companies also use the term in a broader sense, including head-mounted devices such as Google Glass, contact lenses that monitor movement eyes and glucose levels, and smart textiles.

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Make your child’s life easier Children connected objects

Parents should think about how they can make their child’s life easier and more fun by connecting their devices to the Internet. To make your child’s life easier, you can use related objects such as:

  • a smart speaker for voice commands;
  • a voice-activated video game console;
  • or a smart watch.

A smart speaker is capable of understanding your voice commands and can also be used as a medium to stream media, access recipes or play games.

Voice-enabled video game consoles can connect to the Internet and allow users to interact with their favorite games without having to touch a controller.

A smartwatch is capable of tracking fitness information and maps so you can track your activity and receive notifications when your goal is reached.

An IoT speaker can replace the TV or radio, giving hands-free access to favorite programs while providing a viewing experience.

A smartwatch can act as an alarm clock that tracks sleep patterns so you can track the quality of your sleep.

What are the 5 quality questions you need to ask yourself when buying a connected item?

The first step in choosing the right smart toy for your child is to think about what your child likes. Knowing what kind of toy your child likes will make it easier to narrow down their choices.

When choosing a smart toy, it is important to ask questions such as:

1. Does it provide educational benefits? According to a study by the Department of Education and Human Services, children who own a smart toy tend to do better in school than those who do not. Smart toys allow children to learn more about STEM areas, such as science, technology and engineering. In addition, smart toys can be used as learning tools for your child to help develop their cognitive and thinking skills;

2. Does it offer variety? In general, children need a variety of toys to keep things interesting and spark their imagination. Children who own only one toy often get tired of it quickly, which makes them search for more to get something new to play with;

3. What is the age group for this product? The age range of this product varies depending on the specific toy;

4. is it durable? A smart toy is generally durable, but like anything made of plastic or silicone, it can easily break if dropped from a high enough height;

5. is it interactive? Interactive toys teach children about cause and effect and give them something to do that benefits their overall health. The age range of this product varies depending on the specific toy.

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