Another yurt for the kids at the Montessori and Nature School and Leisure Center in Luisant

“Students learn without necessarily being aware of it. This is truly one of the axes of Montessori school pedagogy. “Our three pillars here are education, cohabitation and ecology,” explains Morgane Planchon, principal and co-founder of the Montessori and Nature School and Leisure Center in Luisant.

The school was established two years ago for kindergartens and now opens at the primary school in September. For this, she had to set up a new yurt last week, the installation of which was completed on Friday, July 8, 2022. It will accommodate 48 students with the possibility of receiving up to 56 students.

“We teach students to do and learn for themselves. We guide them so that they can do it in the right way to find the right answer by going to the end of their interrogation ”.

“It’s even more important these days with the dominance of the internet, where information can be found immediately but not always of high quality. This education system allows students to go at their own pace.” Students help each other and give their classmates the explanation on the answers found further. “

All about the first Montessori school in Eure-et-Loir

Multiplication from kindergarten

The flipped classroom promotes role-playing for students working in the form of playful workshops. “By going through these activities, the brain is more accessible to integrate the learning. They are both relaxed and focused, ”explains Morgane Planchon. “Some students understand the principle of multiplication and division already in kindergarten. Manipulation makes sense for what they do,” she adds.

One of the students’ mothers became an educator by following the education from the Maria Montessori Higher Institute, the only one approved by AMI (Association Montessori International). “My son is going to kindergarten until September. Malo already knows how to read, write, and he is able to perform three-digit additions, ”says Marion Grinan.
In Luisant, this school is private but declared to the Ministry of National Education. “We are followed for inspections. We follow the common base of the ministry, and each activity corresponds to a skill,” describes Morgane Planchon.

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premium We spent a morning at Petits Explor’acteurs, the Montessori school in Luisant

Proven benefits and better stress management

Montessori teaching is not a superficial fashion. Neuroscientific studies actually prove the benefits of pedagogy on neuronal connections. Two main benefits emerge: the acquisition of learning to read and dealing with stress and conflict. “The brain is much more accessible when the child is in a situation of well-being,” assures Agathe Pauwels, teacher and co-founder of the Luisantaise School.The teaching team during a meeting during the installation work of the other yurt. Photo ThD.

“The rules give students the opportunity to be more independent. Everyone feels free to learn as they please by following appropriate activities. By becoming more independent, the child gains more self-confidence. “He is able to present his arguments and has a greater ability to handle stress and conflict,” the student’s mother sums up. “Malo anticipates his needs and sometimes ours. He can say to us, “I feel like you might be upset, you need to breathe and relax,” she continues.

“Emotional security, without forcing things, leads to more effective learning,” analyzes one of the six educators on the teaching team.

The school is also open as a leisure center on Wednesday afternoons and during holidays. 28 children are welcome during the summer.

Thomas Desprez

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