As children (M6) – Elodie Poux: “It is difficult at first to play with children …”

Tell us about Karine, beautician …

Elodie Poux: She is a naive and somewhat childish mother. She lives under the control of another mother, Samia. They have a sometimes toxic friendship. They need each other to feel that they exist, they love each other very much despite quarrels. Karine has two children, Manon and Kylian, who are in the opposite extreme: one is gifted, the other hyperactive …

Is it a mother imbued with doubt?

Yes, compared to her children, to herself, especially since she often compares herself to her friend Samia, who does not have the same outlook on life as her. But after all, it should not be bothered!

Karine wanted her daughter to be a little less perfect …

Yes. I think she’s a character who in her own schooling must have suffered a little from not being able to play stupid, she must have allowed herself to be pushed around a little too much. She does not want her daughter to reproduce the same pattern as her … which is characteristic of all parents.

His son Kylian is therefore a hyperactive child. You know a lot about it, right?

I’m nothing but my agenda, yes! (laughs). It is true that my big brother was and still is today. Which almost cost me my life 23 times! But he heals.

Karine laughs a lot. It’s all you, right?

Yes, and I also think that’s why they came to me for this role. Like Karine, I always try to look on the bright side of life. As long as you have a roof over your head and your family is healthy, you are fine.

Did you get along well with your fictional children?

Yes, very good, although it is difficult at first to play with children … You must be focused on what you do, your game, your text and what they do! I secretly put them back in the right position in relation to the cameras and made sure they stayed focused on the stage … I was ten times more tired than if I had been alone!

This is the first time you have recorded a short program. Was it an exercise that appealed to you?

A lot ! It was really a real challenge for me coming off the stage. At first I pretended to understand the instructions and I followed the other actors. Then, by filming eight hours a day, the information comes in. We, the group of parents, were like a bunch of kids at summer camp. We arrived on the set all dancing to Aretha Franklin (laughs). I admit that some days I would not have wanted to be in the place of director Gaël Leforestier.

Your daughter is one and a half years old. Do you think that when he starts in kindergarten, you would rather be in the “cool parents” or “stressed parents” team?

I think I get stressed because, unlike other parents, I lived at the school from the inside for 12 years, after being an animator in kindergarten. I know that sometimes it starts to happen reception of toddlers … But we will say that everything will be fine! She is going for interrogations in the evening when she gets home.

Parenting and childhood are topics that you have explored a lot in your show Playmobil Syndrome… Both are inexhaustible sources of inspiration?

Complete! These 12 years in kindergarten were a real observation practice, breeding ground for my exhibition. I could even have continued on my way for the second * that I had to tell. But I preferred to talk about life once you have become known.

You are on stage, on the radio, on TV: are you also inexhaustible?

(laughs) No! There comes a time when it is good that it stops. But I am one who works best in a hurry and with a lot to do.

More surprisingly, you participated in the writing of Benabar’s 30-year career tour …

It is true. I met him in a hotel lobby. I was very surprised that he knew me. He asked me to write the interludes that characterize his concert between two songs. It was a very different job than I am used to doing. This is the news!

Interview with Amandine Scherer

* The Butterfly Syndrome, on tour throughout France and on January 9, 2023 at Olympia.

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