big blows, she unpacks everything about this huge disagreement with her husband, revelations

Some time ago, Elodie Gossuin gave an interview to the magazine “Femme Actuelle”. On the occasion of this exchange, the former miss revealed a very surprising revelation of a disagreement with her husband Bertrand.

Elodie Gossuin evokes this disagreement over size in her pair

Published Friday, July 8, the magazine “Current Woman” delighted the many admirers of Elodie Gossuin. The beautiful blonde actually revealed the most amazing thing about a disagreement she had with the father of her four children.

Not long ago, as loyal Objeko readers know, the former beauty queen went through a tough time. His grandfather’s disappearance was a true ordeal that required a lot of strength and courage from him. In fact, Elodie Gossuin was very close to this man who really marked and influenced his life. Shocked by his disappearance, she paid tribute to him a living tribute to his Instagram story. In addition to the immense pain that this loss caused him, Internet users had discovered a moving picture of the miss and her grandfather.

Unfortunately, this grief has not been the only obstacle to her happiness lately. Elodie also had to deal with a disagreement with her husband. She mentioned it during her interview with “Current Woman”.

Within his pair, this disagreement was far from a detail. It was about the idea of ​​welcoming a fifth child or not. The question that opposed Elodie Gossuin and her husband is therefore the following: Should the family be expanded again after the arrival of the fourth child?

A polemic without consequences for the couple

“Of course we asked this question with my husband. I asked him several times but he refused. I am starting to arrange maternity leave, I am in full therapy. Until last year I said to myself: ‘I am 40 years old, I can easily still make a little last. ‘Giving life is so magical.’ The ex-miss therefore seems to regret not having given birth to a fifth child. She is forced to undergo therapy to grieve over this project and she seems really disappointed. But Elodie has not said her last word. During the interview, the mother added that other options were considered to satisfy her need to give and love unconditionally. “We have already asked ourselves the question of adopting or welcoming Ukrainian refugees to our country. We brought an action. In France, it remains highly blocked at the level of reception in private homes. “ she explained, determined to bring love to a child.

Fortunately, this disagreement between Elodie and her husband did not destabilize their balance. This frustration that the former miss felt has not tarnished the love she feels for her husband. They have been living happily and in love for eighteen years. And for those who want to know how to maintain the flame that this beautiful couple does, Elodie gave her secret to longevity: “It does not plan anything. As for me, as soon as things are too organized, it oppresses me. It removes the tension of the unexpected.” she explained before adding: “He makes me laugh every day. Everything is always easier with him. We’re still kids too. It’s not always very fun for our own kids, but it’s cool!”

Elodie Gossuin can count on her husband’s support

To the reporters from “Current Woman,” Elodie also explained that her husband was very affectionate. Thanks to him, she manages to play her role as a mother while managing her professional career, which is in great shape. “I tend to try to transmit positive vibes through the networks or to have a smile because I tell myself it’s a strength and it can help too. I’m not going to pour out when I’m not. feel good to ask for help because I feel my responsibility on the contrary is to try to help.But there are plenty of times when things go wrong.I could not have done it if my husband did not do everything.So “As soon as I tell him I’m not going home, he’s there to make ends meet. He’s obliged to reject things professionally in order to be available.”

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