DISTANCE LIFE (Nintendo Switch) – The Test

Loyal readers of NT, you love shoot them up tough and glaucous universes Alien atmosphere and other beautiful delights of the genre. If the answer is yes, welcome to Life at a distancethe new virtual nightmare edited by Raitlaka games and directed by one man, Mario, not the mustachioed plumber, but Mario Malagrino, the man at the head of the studio Next game levelresponsible for the realization of this game. Let’s waste no more time and go together to the far reaches of space where no one will hear us scream.

A story, huh??

We are used to it in the shoot them upThe story is generally very sketchy, if not downright nonexistent. But in Life at a distance, it’s totally different, we’re entitled to a very successful scenario and really fun to follow. No, we’re kidding, the game makes us believe in a scenario that borders on revolutionary, but there’s none of that.

As in any good game of this genre, we embody stupid and wise a military officer at the wheel of a small warship, responsible for wiping out a warlike race of aliens. Yes, we said it already, it is a great classic, yet a very small difference will softly disturb all this classicism. Let’s not let the suspense last too long, the detail that will distinguish the scenario from another game of this genre will be the fact badass, that we go straight into the den of the bad guys and that we shoot at will at everything that moves. Well, in fact we got hit, the scenario in this game is no different from any other and that’s a shame.

Because we have subtitled some more dialogues in French… Ah!! Wait, I am told in the headset that no, despite the fact that the game is properly marked in French on the eS sheetoops, there is not the slightest trace of it in the game. Anyway, again the screenplay is completely anecdotal and then moreover, although there are subtitles, they are so small that we need a good magnifying glass to be able to read and of course translate. Good, but if the game doesn’t offer us a good scenario worthy of the name and if it forgets even the translation, what good do we have in this shoot spatial and animalistic?

Elden Ring is for the weak

Make sure we get along, baby of From Software is a very good challenge. But this challenge is not available on our beautiful Switch and then… No, we really don’t care because the only game that really interests us is this famous Life at a distanceand that the Lord of gaming Witness, the difficulty is there, even too much.

Of course, the game offers us different levels of difficulty. Beware of the little player who cries foul when a mode is offered simple on a good game difficult and the mechanics of die and return† If the easy mode is present, it has only the name. For yes, noble players who are adept at struggling to violently tear their hair until they go bald, Life at a distance is a real challenge even in easy mode so when you see the soft still offers other levels of difficulty, we still have the right to say that the game will take us a while. We have no problem with the above, the title has a very good life in store for us: getting to the end of the sixteen chapters that act as levels will take a good ten hours, or even more.

However, it’s unfortunate to see that this lifespan is only long thanks to its mind-boggling difficulty. But let’s talk about this all in more detail: in Life at a distance, we have hearts that symbolize our life, with every impact of a projectile or objects of any kind, this life bar will drop by one heart, which is still four in number. Despite this relatively reasonable number of cores and an artillery of fire of godwe will bite the dust very often, see the screen game is over and restart the level.

Shoot anything that moves

As in all good hurry up, of course we will have a whole arsenal at our service, so we can find diversified shooting options, but spread over the levels. Because yes, noble follower of this kind of game, here the articles don’t come to us. Here they will be motionless, just waiting for us to pick them up and use them. Be careful though, as his famously diversified shots are also limited. So you have to be careful not to waste all your ammunition and know: switch effective between the three types of ammunition, on pain of ending up with conventional and weak shots. Fortunately, in our arsenal we will still have the opportunity to use some very nice missiles.

In addition to a varied arsenal of shots, we will have at our disposal and according to our progress in the game, other ships. Nothing really remarkable as the latter will be better than speed. But this very speed will be our worst enemy. Because as said before, in addition to enemy fire, the impacts of objects can also be fatal to us and to say that the graphics and the layouts of the corresponding levels will not help us much. But before we dwell on this topic, it should be noted that the game gives us a lot of loading times and especially a big bug that blocks this famous loading bar, forcing us to restart the game. This bug occurs randomly and fortunately is rare, but it does exist.

In the lair of HR Giger

Now on to the final leg of our journey, the graphics and soundtrack. For the part of the graphics, let’s not cut corners, the game is beautiful, terribly beautiful. But it’s scary beauty, not scary in the sense, it’s ugly, but in the sense that we have a game that presents us with settings and enemies that come straight from the horrific imagination of the great and cult HR Giger. But when we see this immense artist to whom we give the… design terrible xenomorphic in the legend Alien† So arachnophobic friends, do not approach this title because like the famous movie Spaceship Troopersthe enemies resemble deformed, glaucous insectoid and arachnid species.

Unfortunately for those desensitized to these kinds of vile creatures, and luckily for all other followers of these critters, the graphics make them almost real. We owe this to images close to photorealism, finally for spatial environments and on the border of the organic we can really say that the rendering is perfect. And remember, this is the work of one man. But for once in a game, the graphics, as beautiful as they are, don’t really help us in the to play and especially for our life bar. Because by moving ten thousand things in all directions, we don’t always know where to really shoot, because let’s not forget, the whole universe of the game seems organic and therefore comes very close to a Survival horror fashionable shoot them up† All this abundance of detail will also be just as many obstacles for our much too fragile ship.

Okay, come on, if the graphics are luscious and terrifying with that visceral, arachnid, and insect-like horror vibe, what about the soundtrack? Be there it’s a bit of a cold shower it’s not bad it’s good but we could have hoped for better and above all more in the theme. Although we are in a shoot them upthe graphics atmosphere is nonetheless very gruesome, but the soundtrack, well, it’s rhythmic and will make our good old basses resonate with its BOOM BOOM in David Guetta style. Well, we’re exaggerating a bit, but it’s true that the sound can clash a bit with the rest of the game.



  • An easy way…
  • A rhythmic soundtrack…
  • A horrifying aesthetic
  • Images close to photorealism
  • An organic universe
  • A well-solved difficulty
  • Simple gameplay
  • A good longevity


  • …Not so easy
  • …But that clashes a bit with the aesthetics of the game
  • A very nice challenge
  • The awesome bug that forces us to restart the game
  • The lack of French translation
  • Sometimes too many elements on the screen

Note detail

  • Graphics

  • Gameplay

  • To work

  • Soundtrack

  • Lifetime

  • difficulty level

  • Appearance

  • Script

  • Translation

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