Emily Bécaud, “proud”, continues her father’s work and lives in her 128-hectare house

On December 18, 2001, a star went out. Gilbert Bécaud, one of the biggest names in French singing, died at the age of 74. After his disappearance, his youngest continues to bring his works to life, disturbing his other children.

Among Gilbert Bécaud’s children we can count the beautiful Emily Bécaud. The latter has always been very close to her father, and it is therefore quite normal if the musician’s death continues to affect her.

Emily is proud to be Gilbert’s daughter and wants to continue her father’s musical activity, but her siblings do not agree.


Before joining the stars, Gilbert Bécaud had the chance to become a father. Thanks to his last relationship with Kitty, the singer especially had a daughter named Emily.

The French singer Gilbert Becaud performs on stage in Hamburg, Germany in 1976. | Photo: Getty Images

Invited to France on Sunday, in 2021, the child of “Monsieur 100,000 volts” had agreed to confide in the kind of father Gilbert was. According to him, the singer is a “funny” father.

According to his daughter, the interpreter of “I’m coming back to pick you up” “loved to clown around and never took himself seriously”. A behavior that she apparently greatly appreciates. In addition, she followed her father’s bullshit.

French singer-songwriter Gilbert Bécaud is celebrating his 50th birthday with his family. He is here surrounded by three of his children, Anne, 11, Jennifer, 10, and Emily, 5. | Photo: Getty Images

One evening, for example, when he had just finished a concert, Gilbert Bécaud had invited himself to a wedding with strangers, and his daughter had followed him.

“We eat, we drink, we dance, we sympathize, we party. Dad writes in the guestbook himself, and I give two invitations to the newlyweds for an upcoming concert ”.

she said.

The French singer Gilbert Bécaud surrounded by his daughters: on the right Anne Bécaud (11 years), on the left Emily (5 years) and Jennifer (10 years). | Photo: Getty Images

A memory that the musician’s child remembers very well, like the years she had spent with her deceased father in their house in Poitou. Emily also admitted that she had been able to travel a lot thanks to Gilbert Bécaud’s career.

“He took us everywhere, so there are very few places left where I have never set foot”,

she revealed.

Gilbert Bécaud and his daughter Emily on August 25, 1986 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

Clearly, Emily and her father had a very close relationship during his lifetime. But even though she loves her father with all her heart, the beautiful brunette does not hide the disadvantages of being a “child of” either.

Being the daughter of Gilbert Bécaud, she said, was “a real nightmare”. In addition to the bullying she was experiencing at the time, simply because of her name, Emily also admitted that some students, teachers and even instructors were “jealous and jealous” of her.

A period that has certainly not been easy for the daughter of Kitty St John.

Gilbert Bécaud at home with his wife and daughter in May 1988 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images


Losing a parent is a true tragedy, and it is certainly not Emily Bécaud who will say the opposite. Always in the columns of France on Sunday, the beautiful brunette had revealed:

“It took me twelve years to recover from his departure.”

If she was able to grieve over her father, it was because Emily Bécaud had discovered motherhood. Her eldest, Max, was born a few days before the “What Now” singer took her last breath in 2001.

Gilbert Bécaud at home with his family in May 1988 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

And since Emily’s mother was also devastated by her companion’s disappearance, the singer’s daughter could not count on her child to move on. She even said that her eldest “saved” her after the death of Gilbert Bécaud. Note that this one also has two twins named Rhonda and Will.

“I love my two little ones, of course, but my oldest, he went through all my troubles … He’s my pillar”,

she says.

Marriage between Emily Becaud and Alain Bonnin in La Bussière on March 25, 2001 in La Bussière, France. | Photo: Getty Images

But even though Emily has been able to grieve over her father through time, she does not forget the man of her life. The proof? She and her mother, Kitty, continue to occupy their homes, even years after the famous singer died.

It is a 128-acre property where Gilbert had named his family home as well as a wooden house where he used to compose.

And if Emily admitted to having changed some details in their home, the house is still decorated to the singer’s liking. She also kept some belongings from the latter.

In addition, it also happens that Emily sometimes pays tribute to her deceased father. In October 2021, for example, she shared an old snapshot of her and her father, accompanied by a long and touching message in which she says she misses her father very much.

Gilbert Bécaud in concert at the Olympia in Paris on November 6, 1983, France. | Photo: Getty Images

And after thanking the fans of her parent, who continues to admire her until now, the one who wants to share his father’s work concluded with “the whole world”:

“I’m so proud to be the daughter of Gilbert Bécaud.”


In all, Gilbert Bécaud had six children. His three eldest, Gaya, Philippe and Anne were born from his relationship with his first wife Monique Nicolas. Follows Jennifer, who is from the late husband’s idyll with Janet Woollacott.

Singer Gilbert Becaud. | Photo: Getty Images

Then there is of course Emily, who Gilbert Bécaud had with his last companion, Kitty. Note that the latter had also adopted Noï with the interpreter of “I come back to get you”.

After the singer’s death, his large mixed family in particular was torn apart. In fact, in his will, Gilbert Bécaud had appointed only his eldest, Gaya, as guarantor of the moral rights to his father’s work.

And although Gaya had been his father’s artistic director, Emily’s mother insisted during his lifetime on challenging the deceased man’s decision in court. In the end, it was the singer’s eldest who won the battle.

Family of Gilbert Becaud. | Photo: Getty Images

But even though her brother is the sole heir to their father’s work, Emily has still decided to release an album titled “I’ll Come Back to Get You” in November 2021. In this opus, the beautiful brunette sings virtually with her late father. An album that was clearly disrespected by his brothers and sisters.

At Figaro, Gaya had said:

“Little Bécaud is behaving as if she were all alone, but the boss is always me.”

Singer Gilbert Bécaud with his family. | Photo: Getty Images

Comments that his sister had responded to during his interview with France on Sunday.

“I had never imagined being hated so much”,

she said.

Gaya’s daughter, Marguerite, also said Emily was not allowed to use Gilbert’s likeness in her music video. Therefore, she said, they had to “send the bailiffs and their lawyers.”

It therefore appears that the war between Gilbert Bécaud’s children is not about to stop.

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