How Thor: Love and Thunder almost copied Stranger Things and Harry Potter

Thor: Love and Thunder not even having arrived in French cinemas yet, the film’s first secrets are already beginning to reveal themselves. There is an unfortunate coincidence between the new arrival of MCU and two other successful franchises: Stranger Things and Harry Potter.

This is an extremely anticipated movie. Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth opus in The Adventures of the Scandinavian God, will be released in cinemas on Wednesday 13 July. A feature film that already makes many promises: Taika Waititi returns to direct, for a Chris Hemsworth to meet Christian Bale, in the role of Gorr, the terrible Slayer of the Gods, with the help of Guardians of the Galaxy. The perfect opportunity for Natalie Portman to return to MCU, to play Jane Foster again, this time with a little extra: superpowers and a powerful hammer.

A fantastic and crazy adventure that, according to initial reviews, promises differently than anything we’ve seen so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But this difference, was almost not and Thor: Love and Thunder could very well have reminded us a lot of elements we saw in two other franchises, Stranger Things and Harry Potter, even if it means going on the verge of quasi-plagiarism. This is very vague, we explain everything to you.

Thor, Stranger Things and Kate Bush are on a boat

Yes, Thor almost accidentally copied season 4 of Stranger Things, unveiled on Netflix on May 27, though production and filming of the movie began long before the fourth installment of the Hawkins children’s adventure. This is a certain British singer who had an insane success in the late 1970s and 1980s: Kate Bush.

Whether you’ve seen season 4 of Stranger ThingsYou may have noticed that in recent weeks, Kate Bush, and more specifically the title Runs up that hill, has made a comeback on social networks and in the charts. A title that already promises to be the anthem for this summer 2022, even though it was released in 1985. This success is partly due to the fact that the song was included in the series’ soundtrack.

A fateful turn, Kate Bush also almost ended up on the soundtrack to Thor: Love and Thunderless than two months after being on it off Stranger Things. It is Christian Bale himself who explains it in an interview with Total film :

“Taika [Waititi] and I wanted to do a whole dance that we ended up not being able to do, but we had all this Kate Bush stuff that we had been working on. But I think he realized that it would never be allowed and that it would not be in the final version of the film. “

About Thor: Love and Thunder came close to the serious impression of deja-vu, we are still very curious to know what this famous dance number on Kate Bush could have looked like!

Gorr or Voldemort, you must choose!

But Stranger Things is not the only work that the next feature film by Taika Waititi almost copied. There is also one of the most profitable sagas in the history of the film: Harry Potter. This is because of the film’s great villain, Gorr the Godslayer, played by Christian Bale. To Thor: Love and Thunder, his appearance had to change a bit compared to the comics from 2013, where he first appeared. Because the character would look a little too much like the one who opposes the most famous wizard in England. In an interview with IGNexplains Taika Waititi:

“Unfortunately, his face in the comics looks like a kind of Voldemort. I thought, ‘People will automatically make that connection.’ So we decided to walk away from that look while keeping the same color scheme, as well as the fact that he has a sword, because really it was his story that was the most important to us.

And in fact, when you put Voldemort and the Gorr of the comics side by side, the resemblance is more than striking. Fortunately, the accident was avoided. In addition to no longer resembling one of the most iconic villains in literary and film history, the final appearance of the character played by Christian Bale is more than successful. And Thor: Love and Thunder gets away with it without having to compare it or with season 4 of Stranger Things nor to the saga Harry Potter.

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