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The format NFT profile pictures on Twitter is activated via the Twitter Blue subscription. This new format allows you to proudly display one NFT which you own and appear as a hexagon, and therefore no longer round, like other profile pictures.

Find out how to transform your profile picture Twitter (round) In the format NFT (hexagonal). This method, which seems to be very simple, can be very complicated if one does not master the lexicon NFTI suggest you read this guide carefully.

Note that before proceeding, you must pay some money to perform this method, yes, Twitter only allows display of NFTs that is on the blockchain Ethereumand therefore NFTs blockchain matic/polygon will not appear in your wallet NFTyou will therefore have to pay the Gas costs during the individual transaction of your NFT (I explain everything below).

How do you turn your Twitter profile picture into NFT?

Transform a profile picture Twitter in NFT is pretty simple once you know the domain and the terms. I will guide you through this process, do not panic!

Start by downloading a serious crypto wallet app (MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet for example). Then create an account at OpenSea (should work with any NFT marketplace). Set up your account with a profile picture, your social networks, etc.

The following method can be done with the help of a friend, or with a double account on OpenSea (and therefore two different crypto-wallets), if necessary, create another account on OpenSea.

Once your crypto wallet is configured and your account OpenSea open, you can move on. You want to add media (an image in our example) through the platform OpenSea. You can also read this article which explains how to deposit your first NFT on OpenSea.

Find the media on your computer or smartphone, then name it. NFT. You can also provide a link to your account Twitteryour site or something, a description, etc … Give it features such as your media information (color, size, everything that describes your image).

After defining your NFTyou must definitely use blockchain Ethereum to deposit your NFT. The deposit is free and requires no payment of gas fees (payment is made only in the event of a sale or transfer, on the Ethereum blockchain).

When your NFT deposited, it’s visible to the public, but you can not yet use it to change your profile picture Twitter, you will need to simulate a sale or a transfer (easier than the sale). To do so, simply send it to a friend or transfer it to another account. OpenSea. Copy the address Ethereum from your friend or from your secondary account, and then go to the page for your NFTand click the forward button to enter the address Ethereum.

At this stage, the transfer is charged, preferring in the morning when gas costs are the cheapest. These costs constitute the “gas charges” (literally this term means “petrol costs”). These are the commissions paid to the minor (one that extracts crypto), which performs the obligation of a given transaction. By default, this gas price is expressed in GWei or giga-weis, where weis is the smallest unit of ETH (Ethereum).

Pay the gas fees for the transfer and wait a good twenty minutes for the transfer to take place. Go to to confirm the transaction (transaction time, transaction status, etc …).

Once transferred NFT is available on your friend’s account or on your other account OpenSea. Ask your friend to transfer it to you again, send himEat to avoid paying out of pocket for the transaction. Or, if you have transferred yourself NFTsend it back to your first account and wait.

How do you change your profile picture on Twitter with an NFT?

Nothing could be easier if you subscribe to Twitter Blue, this paid formula Twitter gives you the right to add one of yours NFTs in profile picture on Twitter. Go to your profile and click on your profile picture and then on “edit”, just connect your favorite cryptocurrency wallet. You should find yours NFTclick on it and it should be added as a hex profile image.

How to add a profile picture in NFT format on Twitter?
Details about my NFT on my Twitter profile

This is what you have now created your profile picture Twitter with an NFT!

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