Launch of Club Web3 Azzura, dedicated to Web3 in the south of France

Web3 club Azzura is the first Web3 club (blockchain, crypto, NFT, Metaverse) in the south, founded Karen Jouve and Guillaume Moret Bailly of Doors 3and Claudia Lomma & Benjamin Boutin Spark of NFT Business. Its launch party took place in Toulon on 7 July. The goal is to bring together the ecosystem of players in the Web3 industry in the southern Montpellier region of Monaco. Web3, everyone talks about what others do!

About the event:

The new restaurant “Les Caves Bazeilles” located in the Mourillon district of Toulon will be the birthplace of the Web3 Azzura club. A first event that welcomes up to a hundred participants: elected representatives from Toulon and TPM Metropolis, French Tech Toulon and TVT, business leaders and especially from Rugby Club Toulonnais, the first Rugby Club in the world to launch in Metaverse, but also entrepreneurs, start-ups , students, curious …

This launch party made it possible to:

  • Introduce Web3 and its challenges for companies and the southern region
  • Set Web3 Azzura club contour
  • Meet the players who build Web3 in the south, in France but also internationally
  • Meet traditional players who are committed to positioning themselves in this sector to innovate and rethink digital innovation in their organization (the example of RCT in Toulon)
  • Enjoy a surprise with the opportunity to depart with an NFT from this evening and many other surprises
  • Share a cocktail dinner in a new restaurant privatized for the occasion to promote local grocers

Purpose and ambitions of Club Web3 Azzura

The events organized by Web3 Azzura aims to bring together Web3 players globally, but also and above all to introduce as many professionals from different sectors as possible to the development potential of their activities in this new ecosystem in the region.

The rationale for Web3 Azzura is to democratize Web3 to as many people as possible with the aim of offering a bridge between players who are still wondering what is meant by crypto, NFT, Metaverse and those who are already controllers in these areas.. “Guillaume Moret-Bailly, co-founder of Doors3 and president of the web3 azzura club.

Our goal is to create a heterogeneous community that is united and engaged around Web3 issues, which will have the opportunity to meet at events arranged throughout the year with the aim of sharing moments of fun and shopping. “Benjamin Boutin-Spark, co-founder of NFT Business, NFT artist and co-founder of the Web3 Azzura Club.

About the founding participants

Alongside NFT Business (a podcast dedicated to Web3 makers) and Doors3 (the first Web3 consulting firm based in Marseille), this evening was an opportunity for all attendees to meet the active members of web3 ecosystem in the south, in France and even internationally. A first event that already shows that the Côte d’Azur has all the elements to attract the most important web3 players, including in particular:

  • Pyratz Lab the largest current web3 startup studio
  • Virtuality, the now inevitable web3 event
  • Be my NFT, the documentary in production about the international NFT industry
  • Sorga, blockchain traceability solution for the luxury sector in particular
  • Nefture, web3 startup incubated at Station F
  • Balls-in, an arcade game based on NFTs
  • Rondeau-Abouly, law firm positioned on web3 topics
  • Riviera Fineart MC, Monegasque Art Gallery
  • Rugby Club Toulonnais, which has created a global Web3 strategy (fan token, NFT, Metaverse)

In summary, the Club Web3 Azzura launch party is an opportunity to unite Web3 players in the South and democratize these new tools.

About Doors3:

Doors3 is the first independent consulting firm specializing in Web3. From strategic thinking to operational implementation, Doors3 helps companies bring their crypto, NFT and Metaverse projects to life by highlighting their identity while integrating the specific codes into Web3.0. Specializing in the sports, entertainment, luxury and technology sectors, Doors3 already supports major players in their sector: Rugby Club Toulonnais, National Rugby League, National Handball League, L’Equipe, AMI Paris, EDF … Founded by passionate entrepreneurs, trained in reputable consulting firms and anchored since 2017 in the crypto, NFT and Metaverse universe, Doors3 provides its clients with its business and technological expertise and ecosystem of partners.

Website :



About NFT Business:

NFT Business is a podcast that takes the form of a casual interview with the aim of gathering as many people as possible around NFTs, Blockchain and their business challenges.

The topics are popularized to help decision makers understand how they will be affected and how to plan to embark on this great technological revolution.

Our guests are builders, those who build the companies of the future. An exchange meant as half confession, half mentor.

NFT Business is presented by Claudia Lomma expert in media transformation and Benjamin Spark, artist, podcaster, NFT consultant.



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