Nicholas Sparks: Every Filament, Classified

Nicholas Sparks is famous for touching the hearts of readers and audiences around the world, where many of his novels are adapted to the screen. The New York Times bestselling author has sold more than 115 million copies of his romantic works, of which 11 of his emotionally charged stories have so far been dealt with on the big screen. While there is no denying that his writing style and optional genre are not for everyone, those who cannot get enough of Sparks’ books flock to the cinemas every time a new one debuts. , which often yields impressive results at the box office. Fans of romance and Sparks know they are going to shed tears by reading or watching his work, and many find comfort in the gripping stories.

Some of Hollywood’s most dazzling stars have led to an adaptation of Sparks, starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in her romance that shot them to superstar status, the beloved romantic drama The Notebook from 2004. Audiences cried everywhere as Shane West’s character Landon lovingly compared his love for Mandy Moore’s Jamie to the wind, saying he could not see it, but he could feel it in the 2002 hit A Walk to Remember. This is a ranking of each Nicholas Spark film adaptation.

11 The election

Lions Port

The romantic drama from 2016 The Choice tells of the budding romance between two very different individuals after they move in next to each other in Wilmington, North Carolina; The ultimate lady man and veterinarian Travis Shaw falls completely in love with the beautiful medical student Gabby Holland, which turns their lives upside down. With Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer in the lead roles as the unmatched couple, the melodrama earned a B + CinemaScore from the audience, but was poorly received by critics, who called it stereotypical and uninspiring.

10 The best of me

Relativity media

After being separated for 20 years, high school sweetheart Dawson Cole (James Marsden) and Amanda Collier-Reynolds (Michelle Monaghan) find themselves reunited in their hometown after the shocking death of a loved one. The two are then forced to reconcile with the circumstances that led to their breakup two decades ago in The Best of Me from 2014. The image that is emotional is highly dependent on the unique chemistry that depicts it. once carefree couples in both modern times and flashbacks to 1992. between the main characters Marsden and Monaghan, both of which are the bright spot in a rather weak Nicholas Sparks adaptation.

9 The longest journey

The neo-western romantic drama from 2015 The Longest Ride follows the captivating relationship between professional bull rider Luke Collins and art student Sophia Danko as they are at a crossroads with their romance, where Luke wants to focus on her return to rodeo and Sophia prepares on his coveted job in New York. The ambitious couple cross paths with an older man whose moving and lasting romance with his beloved wife makes them reflect on what really matters most. With outstanding performances from Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson and Alan Alda, The Longest Ride was Sparks ‘first adaptation to receive an A CinemaScore since 2004’s The Notebook and does a pretty good job of shaking up Sparks’ typical formula in a completely different setting .

8 The lucky one

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After discovering a photograph of an amazing blonde woman while on his third mission in Iraq, US Marine Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) retains the snapshot and considers her his “guardian angel”, then sets off to look for the mysterious lady. when he comes home.

Logan struggles with survivors’ guilt and PTSD from the war and travels to Louisiana, where he finally meets the woman in the picture Beth Green (Taylor Schilling); Although she is wary of Logan’s arrival, Beth cannot fight the growing attraction between the duo. Despite rave reviews from critics and being one of Sparks’ most unrealistic stories, The Lucky One was a box office success, grossing over $ 99 million, earning Efron the Audience’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Actor and beginning the actor’s march toward more serious dramatic roles.

7 The last song

Walt Disney Studios movie

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth fell in love when they directed the romantic drama The Last Song from 2010, in which the musician / actress portrays the rebellious teenager Veronica “Ronnie” Miller, a daughter who is sent to live with her estranged father. in Georgia and finds an unlikely romance with the charming Will Blakelee. The film was to help Cyrus break away from her pop persona and introduce her to a more mature audience, and she once explained how she “had always been a fan of Nicholas Sparks” and looked forward to a more sophisticated role. The latter song was a hit among cinema-goers and helped make Cyrus and Hemsworth dynamic artists who served as a springboard into their respective careers.

6 Safe Haven

Relativity media

The romantic fantasy thriller from 2013 Safe Haven centers on the efforts of a mysterious young woman who flees from her violent husband and finds herself in a warm and inviting coastal town in North Carolina, where she hopes to start a new life. Julianna Hough acts as Katie Feldman, who finds herself fascinated by the charming people of Southport and the widower and father Alex Wheatley (Josh Duhamel). As sparks fly between the two related spirits, Katie begins to realize that it may not be so easy to escape her past and her sinister husband. Variety said in its review that Safe Haven “offers an uninspiring but not unsatisfactory ride through the recognizable terrain of Sparkville,” where the film is nominated for Choice Movie Romance at the Teen Choice Awards.

5 Dear John

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Charming Amanda Seyfried and former model Channing Tatum deliver gripping performances in the romantic war drama Dear John from 2010, in which they play Private John and the ingenious student Savannah. The two fall in love while on leave in Charleston, South Carolina, and the young lovers remain connected over the next few years through a passionate correspondence of letters.

The live image deals with heavy topics, including the Iraq war, the 9/11 attacks, and lymphoma, all of which are dissected in the couple’s lasting letters. Both Seyfried and Tatum have been praised for their portraits, with Digital Spy writing: “The more the barriers between John and Savannah build up and become seemingly unbreakable, the more you will see them reunite – that’s what keeps Dear John engaging. until the credits roll in. Although they are often separated, the magnetic tracks create a heavily invested unhappy love story.

4 nights in Rodanthe

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In the 2008 romantic drama Nights in Rodanthe, veteran stars Richard Gere and Diane Lane shared the screen for the third time as they acted as a struggling divorced and guilty surgeon who finds comfort and passion together while staying in a Rodanthe bed. breakfast for a weekend stay. The desperate couple embark on a life-changing romance during their desperately needed escape, where together they deal with their emotionally troubled past and an impending storm in the process. Gere and Lane’s excellent chemistry really helps to lift the heartbreaking film, and for their performance, the actors were nominated for AARP Movies for the Grownups Awards for Best Adult Romance. It’s Sparks’ rare story that tackles the search for love in old age, and it’s a refreshing change of pace.

3 Message in bottle

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Starring Hollywood greats Kevin Costner, Robin Wright and Paul Newman, the romantic drama Message in a Bottle from 1999 follows researcher and former journalist Theresa Osborne as she discovers a heartbreaking anonymous love letter in a bottle on a beach in Cape Cod. Theresa sets out to discover the author of the tragic note after the local newspaper publishes it, leading the woman to the weary widower and withdrawn author Garrett Blake, with whom she falls madly in love.

Paul Newman stole the show as Garrett’s protective father, Dodge, and although the script and ending were criticized, the film’s excellent cast helped bring Nicholas Sparks’ bestselling novel to life and found an echo in fans of the touching novel. It was the first film adaptation of a Sparks novel and remains its most successful, with earnings of $ 120 million.

2 An unforgettable walk

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Dedicated to Nicholas Sparks’ sister Danielle, whose cancer diagnosis inspired the novel. The 2002 romantic drama, A Walk to Remember, helped establish Mandy Moore and Shane West as superstars. certified, and told the moving story of North Carolina teens Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter as they develop a surprising yet deeply inspiring relationship. The heartbreaking drama centers on rebellious Landon and friendly Jamie, while they slowly fall madly in love despite conflicting backgrounds; the captivating couple experiences their romance on trial as it is revealed that Jamie has saved a tough battle against leukemia.

A Walk to Remember was a huge hit with both audiences and mainstream audiences (just as its soundtrack, which became platinum in America, sold over a million copies and actually made more money than the film’s actual budget). Moore and West were praised for their excellent chemistry, and the film launched an entire subgenre of “dying lover” movies (also known by its gendered phrase “sick girl”).

1 Notebook

New line cinema

Undeniably Nicholas Sparks’ most acclaimed and famous film on the big screen, the romantic drama The Notebook from 2004, depicts the lasting love affair between heir Allie Hamilton and factory worker Noah Calhoun, two teenagers living a passionate and moving love affair in the summer of 1940 in a southern coastal town . The gripping image is told in both past and present, with two distinct stories unfolding; at a nursing home, an old man reads to another patient the unlikely love story of Noah and Allie.

The Notebook is without a doubt a triumph of the romance genre and was a dormant hit at release, earning over $ 117 million and developing a strong cult following. The film also helped launch the careers of the then Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, and their steamy kiss in the rain became one of the greatest movie kisses ever.

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