Sylvie Vartan says what she thinks about the birth of Ilona Smet’s baby. Poor Ilona

When some people join the stars, others come to enlighten our world. This Saturday, July 2, a long-awaited birth brought great joy to his family. It’s actually a new member of the Hallyday clan that has grown. Ilona Smet gave birth to her first child. Her grandmother Sylvie Vartan is crazy about happiness and shared her joy on social networks.

Sylvie Vartan sends a touching message to the newborn online

Ilona Smet gave birth to a little prince. A little boy who is the fruit of his relationship with Kamran Ahmed. The beautiful blonde announced the happy event on her Instagram account. It feels good with a little sweetness in this not always rosy context! “The most beautiful gift of life, my son, my love “, We can read in the publication of the daughter of Estelle Lefébure and David Hallyday, who accompanies her remarks with a snapshot of the infant’s hand in hers.

Of course, the whole family is excited and already under the spell of this child. So everyone reacted in their own way. This Monday, July 4, great-grandmother, Sylvie Vartan, confided in our colleagues from 6 p.m. Paris Match for this occasion. “I came (to Paris, editor’s note) for that! I traveled all the way to meet him. I’m glad to have seen it, it makes his parents and his family happy. Let it go! It’s a real pleasure to have a beautiful grandchild. ” confessed the singer The most beautiful to go to dance.

Life goes on in the clan of Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan

Sylvie Vartan also confessed: “ It is very touching to see my grandson so happy “And how did David Hallyday, Ilona’s father, react? He admits it’s something of a status change for him too!” That is strange. We say to ourselves, ‘How?’ Because he’s my baby after all, and that’s how it will always be. When you are a parent, years do not count.he said.

Although it is a new phase, Sylvie Vartan’s son is still extremely happy with this birth. Especially since everything seems to be going well for mom and baby. Thus, he was quick to wish the couple warm congratulations. Here are all the comments we could read on the account instagram of the beautiful blonde, especially of her parents.

The rocker’s son wrote: Welcome this wonderful young Jedi to this crazy world! He fell on the right side of the tree with two beautiful, loving parents by his side. I love you forever As for Estelle Lefébure, she shared the following words: ” the birth of this little angel is a living proof of love »Before ending with:« I love you all three, beautiful souls “.

In addition, ex-beauty queen Sonia Rolland is also very moved: “ Congratulations my sweet, and Welcome to the little angel “TV host Arthur wrote,” Mazal Tov “. Then the young parents received congratulations from all internet users. All in writingObject also congratulations to the lovers and we can not wait to find out the name of the newborn.

Ilona Smet and Kamran Ahmed start their family

The granddaughter of Sylvie Vartans and Kamran Ahmed is a very beautiful story. As a reminder, shortly after the announcement of her pregnancy, the dwarf parrots were officially reunited on April 16 in Lacoste, in the Luberon region. “16.04.22. The best day of my life. Almost 10 years of love and every day I love you even more. I look forward to spending the rest of my life by your side.” From now on, she is no longer just a wife for life, but a mother for life. In fact, her little boy has come to term after an idyllic pregnancy.

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