What is the toxic behavior of the “divine complex”?

By Emilie Gilles

– Posted on July 11, 2022 at. half past eight
– Updated July 8, 2022 at. 15:25

There are many toxic behaviors in a relationship. But what is it with the divine complex? It is very close to a form of narcissism.

In love, toxic behavior is unfortunately legion. If your body can sometimes send you signals to tell you that this relationship is not good for you, this is not always the case. We are not necessarily aware that such an attitude is problematic. It’s familiar, love makes you blind … It may therefore be that we do not see our partner’s faults. However, some are bad for us as for the couple we form with this person. This is especially the case with what is called “divinely complex”. Jaime Zuckerman, a psychologist and coach specializing in narcissistic addiction, provided the definition Busyness.

According to her this complex means that this person has a sense of grandeur and believes that he is better than others. “The rules of social norms do not apply unless it benefits him”she said. “They need to know how important they are, how successful they are”, the psychologist added. People who suffer from “divinely complex” so especially need to be worshiped by others, which boosts their ego. This kind of attitude can come from an unhealthy childhood where degradation was frequent. The impaired person may then have developed armor to protect themselves from their emotions, which has an impact on their future lives.

What behavior does a person have with “divinely complex” ?

If no diagram is necessarily the same, the steps are more or less the same. In the beginning of the relationship, it is not necessarily something that shows up. According to the psychologist “They are really charming, charismatic and caring. They love you “. Until then, it seems like a relationship starts like any other. At first it will look like an adventure. According to Jaime Zuckerman, this person can pronounce sentences like “you are my soulmate” Where “Where have you been all my life?”. Very strong expressions that will ultimately help create a grip. This attitude is usually called love bombing.

Only then does the facade crumble. When you’re in his pocket, so to speak, the efforts will begin to disappear until they no longer exist. Seduction was then another way to boost his ego. “Now that they have you, they might start controlling your emotions”, explains the psychologist. This then resembles another toxic behavior: gas lighting. This person will then be able to make their reality higher than yours. According to Jenni Skyler, Ph.D. and Director of the Intimacy Institute, “you may notice that they are not able to take personal responsibility for their behavior or words”. This person may then greatly lack empathy with you.

This is how you react if your partner suffers “divinely complex” ?

First, keep in mind that this behavior can have different levels. That does not necessarily mean that you should leave the relationship.. In fact, it depends on the intensity and presence of this complex in their lives … And in yours. If the person opposite suffers from this “divinely complex”and aware of bad behavior, you can work through it together and learn to set boundaries, according to Jenni Skyler. It also invites encouraging positive behavior in the other. That is, it is better to tell her the things you appreciate and pressure her to do more, instead of taking an accusing tone that does not help the situation.

In summary, as long as the person does not behave offensively – in that case, take to your heels! – try to have compassion on this person and help them to improve. With a little patience and a lot of communication, it can eventually go over. “But if you’re with a person where it never goes away, it’s the deciding factor”, Jenni Skyler concluded. Although a fracture is always painful, it may be best for you.

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