Why are so many women attracted to narcissistic men? (Explanations …)

Charming, charismatic and interested … But as soon as you start bonding with this new person, he suddenly becomes a manipulative creature who tries to control you and seems to constantly judge you. If it is a pattern that tends to repeat itself in your romantic relationshipwhich inevitably turns them into toxic relationships, you have to wonder why you attract the same type of people over and over again.

No you are not one narcissistic men magnet. But you need to learn why you always attract the same type of people, to revise your approach to relationships and attract healthy people.

Am I in a relationship with a narcissistic man?

A narcissistic person will hide their lack of self-confidence by drawing attention to themselves and trying to appear more important than they really are. Narcissists lacks empathy for others and resent criticism.

In the beginning of a relationship with a narcissistic man, he will be completely devoted to you, constantly complimenting you and putting you at the center of the world. It will be hard to resist as he wants to know how to play with his charm and his charisma. But your lack of interest will only pique his curiosity, and he will have only one goal in mind: succeed in seducing you. But once you are spellbound, he will be impatient, condescending and try to control you: you should not know that you are much better than him …

Their lack of empathy will prevent these people from seeing how your emotions can be hurt by their actions or words. A narcissistic person knows only one way of seeing the world: their own. She will not hesitate to use and abuse manipulation techniques to keep you under her control and thus shake your confidence. No, you certainly have not done anything wrong, this person is just trying to make you believe it!

What is attractive in a narcissistic man?

No, we are not narcissistic perverted magnets … So why are too many women attracted to this type of person?

Because we are drawn to what is known to us. And since it is well known, our unconscious recognizes this intimacy and places these men on a pedestal, thinking that since it is something it recognizes, it is something we desire. But our unconscious does not necessarily know the difference between what is known and good for us and what is known and bad for us.

Truly, you do not attract narcissistic personalities, but you are attracted to them… Why ?

One of your parents had a narcissistic personality

It is usually for this reason that we are attracted to people who have a narcissistic personality. The dynamics we share with the people who have brought us up affect the way we perceive relationships, whether they are in love or not.

When we are children, we need to feel loved and safe, and our relationship with our parents is our first love story.

And since we usually see our parents as gods who are incapable of making mistakes, then it is common to start blaming yourself at the point when you start to realize their mistakes. We then begin to believe that there is a problem with us, by doing everything we can to make them love them.

People who have grown up with a narcissistic parent usually end up in romantic patterns with a narcissistic partner as it will feel strangely familiar to them. It’s hard to let go of a toxic relationship pattern, and once you’ve been through that kind of trauma, you get used to those people. They are therefore attracted to narcissistic personalities as they have understood how these work and find it “normal” to try to win the affection of a person who is unable to love them.

You’re too empathetic

To create a healthy relationship with a person, it is important to understand and experience similar emotions. Putting yourself in the other person’s place allows you to better understand their point of view, but in the case of a narcissistic personality, it works to their advantage as it allows them toto be the center of the world. But if you can understand your partner and put yourself in their place, their lack of empathy will prevent them from putting themselves in your shoes. On the contrary, he will often even use your empathy towards you, ask you to understand him, play the victim as soon as a behavior is blamed on him.

Very empathetic people will easily tend to it give the doubt benefit to others, thinking that their intentions are still altruistic. They will so easily forgive the bad behavior and will not see that they are being manipulated. A narcissistic personality can so easily take advantage of this self-confidence to manipulate them, empathy in this case makes the person vulnerable.

You tend to sacrifice yourself for love

Sacrifice your needs and get one healthy love relationship, it does not go together! This emotional addiction only drains you emotionally and waits for your partner to show you love – but narcissistic personalities cannot.

Giving while expecting something in return is something that does not work in love. With the help of victims, you will end up feeling angry and resentful towards your partner. A narcissistic man sees you as a solution to his problems and does not understand that you can expect anything in return: for him it should be enough for you to have it.

You attract narcissistic personalities as your tendency to share and sacrifice satisfies his personality, which refuses to understand that you can expect anything in return.

You think you are not worthy of love

A lack of self-confidence makes you the favorite prey of narcissistic personalities. To begin with, he will shower you with love and attention (aka lovebombing), so much so that you do not know what to do with it, as you think does not deserve all this attention. Then he will use his supposed self-confidence to make up for your lack of self-confidence and present himself as the prince charming on a white horse that comes to save you. Before you turn your confidence towards you, it destroys little by little, to better control yourself.

Your lack of self-confidence makes you vulnerable to manipulation by narcissistic personalities. But just because you’ve had these types of love patterns, does not mean you are doomed to repeat them. By working with yourself – alone or with the help of a professional – it is possible to get out of this type of relationship with regard to. free up space for a truly balanced relationship with a partner – or solo first, there is no hurry!

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