10 couples from desperate housewives you probably forgot

Couple making and breaking on Wisteria Lane. And if some remain etched in our minds (team Susan and Mike forever), others have fallen by the wayside. Back to 10 pairs Desperate housewives which you do not necessarily remember.

Article updated: “10 Desperate Housewives Couples You Probably Forgot About” published June 30, 2020 and updated July 2022.

Susan and Ron


After her breakup with Mike in season 2 of Desperate housewives, Susan meets Dr. Ron at the hospital. Between them the current passes well. Their relationship has its ups and downs, but ultimately turns out to be doomed. This is confirmed when Ron tells Susan that he loves her while she is fainting and lying on the operating table, and housewife answers that she likes … Mike.

Eddie and Karl

Edie Karl desperate housewives


Another star pair from season 2 of Desperate housewives, fans sometimes tend to forget that Edie and Karl were dating. What seemed like a one-night stand ended up being a long-term stand. Well almost. We still remember when Karl left Edie and karma became involved.

Bree and Peter

bree peter desperate housewives


Remember the story between Bree and Peter, her sponsor at Alcoholics Anonymous. In addition to being a great ally of ours housewife at this point, he restored her faith in love. They have developed more than friendly feelings for each other. Unfortunately, this does not last: To hurt his mother, Andrew plays on the sensitive chord of Peter, who also suffers from a sexual addiction, and sleeps with him. Bree catches them in bed together and puts an end to their budding romance.

Danielle and Matthew

Danielle Matthew desperate housewives


Definitely, season 2 of Desperate housewives will have been it for all forgotten couples. If you may have skipped the relationship between Danielle and Matthew, you will inevitably remember the latter as well as his family, the Apple Whites – more creepy, you die. In any case, their idyll clearly did not please Bree, Danielle’s mother. Matthew goes so far as to point a gun at her in the season 2 final, but is eventually killed by the police …

Julie and Austin

Julie Austin's desperate housewives


Still when it comes to “teenage” couples, there are Julie and Austin that you have probably forgotten. In season 3 of Desperate housewives, Edie’s nephew arrives at Wisteria Lane and does not leave Susan’s daughter indifferent. Although she can not stand him at first, she gets to know him and falls under his spell. They get so much the closer during the terrible ordeal of the shooting. Julie loses her virginity to Austin, unfortunately the latter is unfaithful to Danielle and breaks her heart.

Carlos and Eddie

carlos edie desperate housewives


It’s not that Edie’s romances are not memorable, it’s more that they are … unlikely! No one had seen his approach to Carlos, recently divorced from Gaby, come in season 3. And yet what had started as a purely physical relationship led to something more serious. Yes, but now Carlos realized he was still in love with Gaby. Their story therefore had its ups and downs – Edie went so far as to attempt suicide after their first breakup – and did not end very well.

Porter and Anne

porter anne desperate housewives


Marked with a jump of 5 years in the future, season 5 of Desperate housewives saw the birth of a forbidden affair between Porter, Lynette’s teenage son, and Anne, the mother of his best friend. Again, we could have expected something purely sexual, but Porter is actually very attached to Anne. There will even be talk of a pregnancy, even if it turns out to be fake. Lynette ends up giving money to Anne to leave Wisteria Lane and start another life somewhere else, thus ending their relationship.

Ana and Danny

ana danny desperate housewives


Ana, Carlos’ niece, and Danny, Angie’s son, get closer and end up dating in season 6 of the series. They even plan to move to New York after high school, much to the annoyance of their respective families. To try to get them to look up, Gaby and Carlos send Ana straight there, so she breaks through as a model, her lifelong dream. After an initial attempt to get closer to her, which failed, then several turns, Danny definitely joins Ana in New York at the end of season 6.

Julie and Nick

Julie nick desperate housewives


In the Bolen family, we ask for the son after the father. Nick, Angie’s husband, was unfaithful to his wife with Julie, Susan’s daughter. Their infidelity will have consequences, especially when Julie is assaulted and all eyes are on Nick. If he is not guilty, certain truths will emerge at that time. Eventually, the Julie-Nick relationship will be doomed.

Andrew and Mary Beth

Andrew mary beth desperate housewives


Last couple, but not least: Andrew and Mary-Beth! While coming to visit his mother Bree in season 8, Andrew informs her that he is engaged to … a woman. And not just anyone, since it’s Mary-Beth, a rich heir. Bree quickly realizes that Andrew is with her for her money. She then tries to get them to open their eyes, both of them, and it succeeds as their story does not hold.

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