8 movie details you may have missed

Thor: Love and Thunder just arrived at the cinema. After several years of waiting for the new Marvel movie, we finally got to know it in depth. However, we know that many people watch these movies just to have fun, so if you are one of them … you are sure to have missed some details.

While these are not overly important details, they add a lot to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s thanks to them always manages to surprise us with fun and unexpected performances Thor: Love and Thunder was no exception.

Therefore, Today we leave you with eight small details that you may have missed looking at Thor: Love and Thunder. From the relationship between the characters involved, to the small tattoos on the body of the Thunder God. Of course there is spoilers ahead.

Thor, Korg and the fallen God

It’s not easy to miss this scene in the movie. Following a warning signal from Sif, Thor and Korg decide to teleport to a distant, cold world to investigate them. It appears that Gorr has demanded another victim.

Far from Thor and Korg see the huge fallen corpse of a god. This scene is impressive Thor: Love and Thunderand it has a rather strange origin. It’s a nod to our favorite hero’s past.

This specific scene, draws direct inspiration from the Thor comics. Designed by Esad Ribic, and written by Jason Aaron, we see the God of Thunder standing alone on a cliff. Staring at the cold body of a fallen god in an alien world.

Nick ‘Furry’

No, we have not misspelled. Apparently, one of the scenes in the movie reveals that our beloved Thor has rigged Nick Fury in a different way on his phone.

In one of the scenes we see Nick trying to contact the God of Thunder. When Thor sees the call on his cell phone screen, Nick’s name “Furry” appears. A fun detail, more than interesting.

Thor takes place in 2023

Thor, Love and Thunder, Thor and Jane, together.
It is true. Although the date is not confirmed at any point in the film, it’s pretty easy to guess. In one of the scenes of Thor: Love and Thunderthe hero himself finally meets Jane Foster. This is where he tells the heroine it it’s been eight years, seven months and six days since last they saw each other.

Considering that the last time the two characters saw each other was in 2015, everything seems to be white and bottled up. It shows the calculations Thor: Love and Thunder takes place in the year 2023.

A character has a poster of Thanos in his room

It’s probably the multiverse equivalent of having a poster of a particular historical figure starting with H… .. Yes, in New Asgard we get a brief glimpse of the bedroom of Axl, son of Heimdall. In her, Thanos’ picture is clearly visible on a poster in his bedroom.

That’s not all it also has a poster by the iconic band Guns N ‘Roses. hung on one of the walls. A sign that art transcends boundaries, nationally or universally.

Loki’s tattoos on Thor’s body

Thor is sentimental by nature. Despite the ups and downs of her relationship with Loki, the god of lies, the hero has great devotion to his brother.

Remember the fatal fate that this character suffered at the hands of Thanos. Now it seems Thor decided to remember him forever by tattooing him on his body.. In the scene where we see the naked and chained god, several marks sounding like “RIP Loki”, the word “Brothers” and a red heart, a flower, a banner and a roll of paper are reflected on his back.

Of course, do not miss it the tattoo with Loki’s iconic horn Thor is in the middle of his back.

Infinity Stones? Better than “Infinity Conez”

It seems that they in New Asgard have found a new way of dealing with trauma left by Thanos.

In one of the scenes we see Valkyrie – King version – cut a large ribbon to inaugurate … a glacier called “Infinity Conez”. An obvious nod to “Infinity Stones,” which Thanos took so much effort to put together.

Who is love and who is thunder

You will probably think it is obvious. But you are making a “mistake” in connecting. We’ve put the word “error” in quotes because you probably want to connect it correctly, though it is never too late to confirm your theories.

Although it’s in the movie it was never defined who was Love and who was Thunder. In an interview with Chris Hemsworth, the actor talks about the role that his own daughter played in the movie “La vie en rose”.

“My daughter is there too,” he comments to Kevin McCarthy, “.play the role of love“. There you go, now you can sleep in peace.

Mjölnir and Thor’s promise to Jane

Thor: Love and Thunder / Jane Foster / Thor the Mighty / Natalie Portman
Another issue that the film does not address in depth is Mighty Thors. Why does Mjölnir listen to Jane? Well, it seems that this answer goes back to one of the many times Thor and Jane had a relationship.

Using a retrospectivewe see Thor take an oath by his hammer. In her, he asks Mjölnir to always protect Jane. This is apparently enough for man to use the powerful mythological weapon when necessary.

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