Harry Roselmack is separated from his wife, he finds joy with a 23-year-old singer

The French know them as a journalist on the TF1 program “Sept à Huit”. As for Chrislaine, she is a talented actress. If the two stars have spun the perfect love for decades, they officially parted ways on Saturday, July 2, 2022. According to information from France Sunday, however, the 49-year-old man would have recently performed with a 26-year-old young woman. years old his youngest. We make status in this article.

21 years of marriage and 3 children

The romance between Harry Roselmack and his wife Chrislaine is not new. He points out that the two personalities have been married for 21 long years. We put in the past because they formalized their break there is little. July 2 to be more precise.

In addition, their love materialized in 3 beautiful children, including 2 girls, Omaya Yanael and 1 boy, Leroy. Their offspring were born in 2007, 2008 and 2010. Unfortunately, all this did not prevent the couple from divorcing forever. It was through the social network Instagram that the two parents announced their separation to their fans.

The notice of their breach

It was first Chrislaine who took over her account to announce the bad news. To do this, the actress chose a story in which he writes a long and moving text. A few lines that no doubt moved his followers. And there is what!

Here is what she wrote:

“I lived some very good years with the man of my life, but life was completely different. Today I announce my separation with my husband Harry Roselmack. I thank him for everything he was, for everything he is. I thank him for all these years. I thank him for our children, our jewels. I’m proud to have been by his side all these years. »

If on the part of the mother of 3 children it is a separation on good terms, then what does the journalist think? Same story for Harry Roselmack. The latter actually also released his finest pen through an Instagram post.

“I do not like to talk about my private life in public. Chrislaine has announced our separation and I make an exception via my social networks, ”said the discreet journalist.

Then he adds:

“Like many things in this world, love is born, develops, sometimes dies. This is how a love story can develop to the point where it is considered to be over. […] Life teaches us it’s one of its virtues … when we become aware of it. Let’s be, be happy. »

The reaction from network users

As expected, this announcement touched Harry Roselmack’s thousands of subscribers. However, one detail is also worth mentioning. In fact, the elegance of the journalist commands respect, and many Internet users who read the comments have noticed it.

Here are some of them:

“Your words honor you both. We wish you the best.”; “You are a true man who respects the mother of his children. The victims of the divorce are the children, and it is good to protect them from publications that only concern you ”; “Fantastic text! May the elegance and respect you have preserved for your wife and family inspire some …”

Of course, they also did not forget to encourage both Harry Roselmack and him, who is now his ex, Chrislaine.

Would he have already turned since?

Just over a week after the announcement of their breakup, France Dimanche publishes interesting information. According to the media, Harry Roselmack would have found love in another woman’s arms. The lucky one? A 23-year-old singer.

If the young woman today is still unknown to the public, she intends to make a name for herself. This process has already started. Knowing that this fashion school graduate was seen in the musical show Noé, la force de vivre.

The beautiful stranger will turn to the musical world, for it seems to have always been her passion. Therefore, as a 10-year-old, she participated in a choir led by Annick Deschamps. And from the age of 16, the young woman took singing lessons.

Will her relationship with Harry Roselmack last? Time will tell!

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