In Giennois we will no longer dance at nightclubs

The colors of the variegated facade, decorated with an improbable fresco in this environment, have lost their liveliness through the seasons, and time is gradually doing its work on the building, which is now set in green surroundings. No need to knock on the Mayan door; the most famous nightclub in Giennois will not reopen, like the old Tana club in Ouzouer-sur-Loire, Zizax in Briare or Loft in Poilly-lez-Gien …

One after another, nightclubs in the area closed their doors. In 2019, the last one was still in operation, The Loft, in a place called La Ruelléehas definitely lowered the curtain, victim of a drop in activity, which the boss, Freddy Heyer, in part attributed to competition from nightclubs.

A reserve for the municipality’s future projects

In Briare, in 2016, Zizax had been part of a night fire which had ratified its permanent closure. In Saint-Gondon, too, there are no more crazy parties in the Maya, an establishment that in its last years of activity has chained administrative closures and aroused the anger of the local residents and the anger of the elected officials.
At the end of the village, in the direction of Lion-en-Sullias, the building is in poor condition today and will never again be a nightclub.

In 2019, the local inter-municipal city plan sealed the fate of the establishmentmaking this area a reserve for future projects in the municipality.

A project worth one million euros

The mayor, Didier Boulogne, explains that the city council had to discuss the issue, as the building posed a certain danger:

“We know kids are climbing on fiber cement roofs. We need to have this ground and the building on it.”

Such an operation is not trivial for a municipality the size of Saint-Gondon, which will be assisted by the local public land business (Efpli) to carry out the operation. Once the village owns the site, the Mayans will be deconstructed. “We have a project: the construction of a new assembly hall, which would be very good in this place“, Announces Didier Boulogne.
However, the elected official is temperamental: “It will not be for this mandate: the room and the car park are a project worth about a million euros and we do not have the money at the moment.”

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While waiting for a new ballroom, it’s time for negotiation with one of the owners and the heirs of the other to the acquisition of the old nightclub.

The old Tana club is for sale.

At the exit from Ouzouer-sur-Loire there is another wilderness: the old Tana, which has become the Ramsès. According to Mayor Marie-Madeleine Hamard, the building there has also deteriorated greatly.

“It’s even a ruin; everything would have been looted inside. And the difficulty is that the land was classified in the PLUI in an agricultural zone, while commercial activity is still possible ! “

A complex file that the elected representatives want to get down to unraveling. The owner now wants to sell and one project will consist of making the old Tana a rest area with refreshment for truck drivers. “In this place in the city, it would be really very good,” judges Marie-Madeleine Hamard, who nevertheless regrets that the youth of Giennois now have to travel miles to dance.

“I would not be against the return of a disco if it was seriously controlled. In the beginning of Tana, in Mr Demante’s time, it was fantastic. It was after that that it no longer went at all. If someone seriously took over this case, it would be good for our young people. “

Pascale Auditeau

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