Marvel: why nothing should be expected of Thor’s villain: Love and Thunder

The villain of Thor: Love and ThunderGorr the Butcher of the Gods, had monster potential, to the point where he was sure he would be spotted by Marvel.

Thor’s fun flashy colorful adventures have returned to the cinemas with Thor: Love and Thunder by Taika Waititi. If the cast seems to be doing well, the editors have not gotten off so much on the film (our review of Thor 4). In Chris Hemsworth’s list of defects as numerous as muscles, one of the most disappointing is its antagonist, Gorr the Butcher of the Godsplayed by Christian Bale.

Whilewe were hoping for a well-written villain in a Marvel moviethe cartoon from which it is taken is one of the most Danish battles waged by the Asgardian god, Thor 4 brought us down to earth again. We are facing a production of MCU, so nothing should be expected of the adaptation of a villain so rich in themes, powerful and symbolic.

the butcher of the gods

It’s over Thor: The God of Thunder in 2012, that Jason Aaron created Gorr, designed by the talented Esad Ribic, to make him the ultimate nemesis of the gods, the only mortal who causes the gods to tremble and who will haunt Thor all his life. Its introduction to the comics is quite similar to the introduction of Taika Waititi’s films, except that it is more subtle. Gorr sees crashing down in front of him two gods killing each other, one dressed in golden armor asks the alien to finish one dressed in black armor. While Gorr’s prayers have never been heard by the gods, one of them is now asking to intervene. Armed with the Necroblade he just acquired, Gorr will violently end the dying god.

At this first divine murder will begin his vendetta that will take him centuries to complete. The serial killer will become Thor’s obsessed because he not only embodies the death of the gods, he is the personification of their failure. For Gorr’s most visceral weapon, beyond his symbiotic sword, is that he repeats a truth Thor does not want to hear: the gods are a hoax as they fool themselves into being necessary protectors. The same thing that Thor will observe in Waititi’s film during his encounter with a Zeus who is a fan of having sex with his legs without this being exploited.

Charisma level 100

In the comics, the Avengers are confronted with this challenge to his raison d’être, he who wants to be the greatest hero and a god of immense goodness. Gorr is basically the opposite of Thor.. We are therefore far from the simple child kidnapper of Love and Thunderthe search for children is the only motivation for the stupid hero to take an interest in the villain.

While the MCU has deconstructed Asgardian during the films – Korg makes a moronic summary of it at the beginning of Thor 4 – to question Thor’s heroism would have questioned the broader superhero mythology. A fascinating topic for a studio that has set standards within the genre. Especially because Thor to defeat the Butcher shows him that he is the example of the god who gave everything to help others. He is the supreme hero, an example to the gods, proving that Gorr is wrong.

Thor: Love and Thunder: comicsBad time for the thunder god

it laughs the most

To carry out his plan of divine genocide, Gorr is armed with the leaf from Knull, the god of symbiots, which makes him almost invincible. The sword can take any form that the God-Killer wants to defeat and torture his victims. In addition, the longer he uses the weapon, the more his powers increase to the point where he can summon creatures similar to those in the film, even create life. Unfortunately, his new wife and his new son become only symbiotic constructions, as Gorr has imagined, and since his spouse lovingly calls him “His god”, the Butcher will not hesitate to make her disappear.

marvel: imageThe struggle for an immortal life

His hatred of the gods is total, and his only reason to live, which led him to enslave them, including Thor, for Build a colossal explosive that is capable of killing them all, the god bomb. IN King Thor of 2019, still by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, it will merge with Necroblade and become its host and a creature with a danger equal to the limit of its powers, namely infinity. This indefinable power is apparently impossible to represent in a film that takes place in a chapter-divided universe and films that follow.

Although he is defeated by three Thors from different timelines in the 2012 race, Gorr’s true end comes in. King Thor. An old Thor, who has become one of the last creatures in the universe, confronts a Necroblade-obsessed Loki, who has just revived the Butcher of the Gods. Gorr, more hateful than ever, will point out the pathos of a battle between two gods when the cosmos is almost empty. He will narrowly refrain from defeating King Thor, his grandchildren, and Lokihe suffocated the light of a sun and took possession of the whole universe. An oh so epic finale for Thor, whose darkness we will never see in the cinema.

marvel: imageIt’s not a moon

The last thunderclap

The quality of the spectacular story of Gorr and his quest for revenge is due to the drawings of Esad Ribic, but especially Jason Aaron’s authorship. The author, very present at Marvel since the early 2000s, worked for seven years on the god of thunderwhich tells of the character’s adventures in a hundred numbers.

marvel: imageA marave that will take centuries

It is with Thor: The God of Thunder that Jason Aaron began writing about the god Avengers, where the first story was precisely the one that put Gorr as the antagonist. Mini series King Thor will be the end of Aaron’s years of work with the blonde hero, and cast Gorr as the enemy of this conclusion. One last story that sounds like a goodbye and love letter to the superhero and what it holds. More than gold in bars, it is therefore diamonds that this story represented for the fourth film in a series struggling to renew its sauce.

In a phase of the MCU replacing its list of new faces, Revenge of the Butcher of the Gods was the more than perfect adventure to let Thor walk away like a king. A successful adaptation of the comics would have brought a great conclusion onnear where Thor could leave the Marvel movies without having to prove worthy of being a superhero again.

Thor: Love and Thunder: photo, Chris HemsworthIt would be about leaving now

From Aaron’s account we find only the crumbs sneezed by a dog, Gorr represents the greatest disappointment over this Thor: Love and Thunder. A threat that brought him all the ingredients for a great heroic and dark movie, by becoming a fantasy habit song that would have broken the Marvel form. To think that the MCU is only ready to break its codes to add more and more humor, to the point where we no longer feel the love of the characters who compose it.

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