Product recall: Do not buy this child’s favorite toy, it poses chemical and toxic risks

The number of products affected by a recall is increasing every day. Recently, children’s toys have been reported. The toys in question are small pharmacy sets. They should not be used as they are toxic.

A toxic little chemist set

If you recently offered your child a small pharmacy set, it should be checked. The fact is that the product may be affected by the recall.

As stated on the Rappel Conso website, the sets affected by the recall are from the Nathan Mission Labo brand: Color Mix. The dyes as well as the glasses in these sets are potentially dangerous. They contain a chemical that can cause harm. This is why parents are advised not to let their children play with it.

The small sets of chemists affected by the recall are from batch 37862 and have the article code (GTIN) 8410446378625. They were marketed almost everywhere in France between 1 September 2021 and 1 July 2022. People who have purchased the products should not use them . They have the choice of destroying them or bringing them back to the store to get them refunded. Otherwise they can also call 05 56 38 39 06 for further information.

The end date of the revocation procedure is set for September 5, 2022.

Ice affected by a recall

On July 6, 2022, Rappel Conso informed consumers that several batches of ice cream are affected by a recall. The ice creams in question cannot be ingested because they contain traces of ethylene oxide (ETO) higher than normal. One flavor in particular is targeted: vanilla.

Here are the affected products:

  • Vanilla ice cream in 460 ml buckets from lot 3415581311716
  • Vanilla ice cream in 650 ml buckets from lot 3415581101010
  • Vanilla ice cream in 95 ml tubs from lot 3415580503518
  • Vanilla collection: boxes with 4 jars of 95 ml from lot 3415581586718

The products mentioned above were sold in all distributors and supermarkets in France between November 2, 2021 and July 6, 2022. Their expiration date is set between July 6, 2022 and May 21, 2023.

Persons who have purchased the lots affected by the recall should under no circumstances consume them. They can either bring them back to the point of sale or contact consumer service on 08 00 33 32 31. They have until September 6, 2022 to bring them back and get their money back.

Recall of several packets of milk

Notice to consumers, several milk packets are affected by a recall. They went on sale between June 24 and July 6, 2022 in E.Leclerc stores in southwestern France. The products are being recalled because they are likely to have a taste and odor defect due to organoleptic changes.

Here are the lots covered by the recall procedure:

  • Lot 22169 U, which has the article code (GTIN) 3533631606008. The expiry date is set for 15 November 2022.
  • Lot 22169 U, which has the article code (GTIN) 3176571625007. The expiry date is set for 15 November 2022.

The 50 cl bottles with semi-foam GrandLait from these lots are non-consumable. Those who have them at home should throw them out or bring them back to the store to get them refunded. For more information, a consumer service can also be contacted on 0800226342. If you have the product in your possession, you have until 19 July 2022 to return them and get your money back.

For information, the Rappel Conso website lists all the products that are subject to a recall procedure. Those who want to stay up to date can go there regularly. The site was launched at the initiative of the government in April 2021. It shows all categories of products except medicine.

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