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Terrible children is baby (already eight months old!) of Clemence Niechcicki and Marine Genevois, 30 rue d’Antrain. Tea room, cafe and canteen, they offer a friendly and cozy place, a benevolent, inclusive and supportive place where it is good to eat good vegetarian or vegan dishes at lunch time or enjoy small sweets at tea time.

Terrible children. The name sounds good, is easy to remember, and it is remembered in the minds of some as the rogue we all were in our earliest childhood, of course, to varying degrees. Add the powder red sofas, the walls in the same shade, the old frames that hang on the wall, the green plants galore and the saved and stained furniture … no, you are not visiting an acquaintance or to go home, but in the tea room / canteen Terrible childrencocoon of benevolence to discover 30 rue d’Antrain!

Clémence Niechcicki, known as “Cléclé”, and Marine Genevois are the dirty kids initiated by Enfants Terribles!

Open since November 2021, terrible children is the big baby (eight months equal!). Clemence Niechcickisays “Keykey”, and Marine Genevoislads who met in a roller derby association. A CDD in a ready-to-wear store and then another in a joint later (still together), the two friends together created the project of an inclusive and united, vegetarian and vegan tea / canteen. They ignore insecure contracts that contradict their values, and embark on this new adventure, as enthusiastic as they are motivated.

Based on their values ​​of inclusion, solidarity and their sensitivity to the environmental cause, a place was born somewhere as friendly as it is cozy, where it is good to spend time for lunch or enjoy a small piece of cake every hour. ” We really wanted to create a place that is as accessible and spacious as possible. We want people to feel welcome, welcome and not afraid to come in. “, Declares Marine Genevois before adding:” It is not necessarily easy for everyone to go to certain places, whether it is a matter of gender, sexual orientation or even neuroatypy. [terme qui définit un fonctionnement cognitif qui diffère de la norme et englobe plusieurs sortes de particularités neurologiques, psychologiques et comportementales, ndlr.]. »

At the heart of their project, Marine and Clémence have especially collaborated with an association that provides support and accompaniment to people with autistic disorders and creates customized periods of time, without music, without light and with the least possible noise. 1.30 is thus reserved for them per month. ” The idea is really to set up little things so everyone can come to us. »

reindeer terrible children

On the catering side, Cléclé generally takes care of the tasty pleasures, and some of the sweet treats, and Marine, most of the time at the reception and service, are the origin of the juicy delicacies that reign supreme at the bar. Both wanted to add a vegetarian and vegan suggestion to the already existing offering in Rennes by simmering a menu that changes every week, even every other week. ” We know the impact of livestock and meat production, so it was important for us to offer non-meat alternatives because we know that meat pollutes a lot. says Marine. For example, the production of one kilogram of beef in factory agriculture consumes 13,500 liters of water, pork 4,600 liters and chicken 4,100 liters. She adds: “ The offer is developing slowly in Rennes, but we would really like to expand it, especially in terms of vegan. »

The young self-employed women offer homemade gourmet recipes of local products with the aim of changing received ideas about vegan cuisine, because no, we can never repeat it enough, vegetarians and vegans do not eat only seeds (or pebbles according to popular jokes …). And the development of culinary suggestions is such that it is easy to eat gourmet and rediscover the taste and flavors of the classic cuisine in a vegan version. ” Many regulars are very happy and excited to find vegan. Cléclé, for example, makes a flan, and some people had not eaten it for ten years. “, Accompanies Marine. ” It is impressive what they manage to do now, many are amazed. »

reindeer terrible children

that Chili Sin Carne and the dish with its pea and rice croquettes accompanied by its mixed salad from last week gives way this week to a Greek salad and fried rice. ” Most of the time we have three salty suggestions, but with holidays there are smaller crowds, so we prefer to focus on two options, always with the aim of reducing our losses as much as possible. »

At the same time, the partners for the most insatiable of good cuisine since March have offered to order whole cakes (for 8 to 10 people) for their events or personal pleasures. Orders must be placed on site or by email. Offered in the vegan version the coffee or vanilla flan (23 €), the banana bread (21 €) and the seasonal babka (20 €) and in the non-vegan version the cheesecake (25 €) and the carrot cake (25 €)).

A small corner space also offers to discover French designers with artisanal production who have a real concern for purchase of their products. Particularly noteworthy are the heart-shaped brooches from Enfants Terrible’s capsule collection by Laura Coupeau. “ We would really like to pass on proposals that have one vibes a little esoteric, witch-like and there are not yet many choices in Rennes. »Also find the decoration and jewels from Mamie Grabuge. She has also made an enchanting collection for Terrible childrenwhich will bring a mysterious side to your outfits.

Located near Lyon, designer Wildfolksoul pampers the space with his illustrated candles, stickers and small serigraphic pockets to reveal the witch in you! Small vials of homemade incense also wait patiently on the white shelves in the corner room. The incense was created by him by means of reference books on the correspondence between each element. “ They are based on crushed spices and fresh plants selected, dried and consecrated by me as well as organic incense resin “, We read on the designer’s website.

In December 2021, a cartomancy-themed brunch workshop had seen the arrival of Katia Queendom (Queendomancy) for an inauguration. So stay tuned for the latest news from Enfants Terribles, and while you wait for the next brunch workshop, why not go and taste these lovely dishes that Clémence and Marine are preparing for us? Do not forget to wash your hands before each meal!

reindeer terrible children

Children Terrible cafe30 rue d’Antrain, 35,000 Rennes.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00.

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